Michelin Tyre Price List in India

Michelin Tyre Price in India

Latest Michelin Tyre ModelsPrice
Michelin Primacy 3 ST 195 65R15 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 5,927
Michelin Sirac Street Tube TyreRs. 1,350
Michelin Pilot Sporty Tube Less TyreRs. 2,350
Michelin Energy XM2 185 70R14 Tubeless 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 4,245
Michelin Energy Xm2 185 60 R15 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 5,119
Michelin Energy XM2 185 65R14 Tubeless 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 4,620
Michelin Energy 195 60R15 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 7,100
Michelin Energy XM2 155 65 R14 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 3,290
Michelin CITY PRO Tube Less TyreRs. 1,925
Michelin Energy XM2 155 70R13 Tubeless 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 3,500
Michelin Tyres

Popular as one of the four largest tyre manufacturers in the world, Michelin is a French tyre manufacturing company that is based in Clermont-Ferrand region of France. Apart from manufacturing tyres for motorcycles, bicycles, heavy equipment, they also manufacture tyre for space shuttles and aircrafts.

This page will assist you in buying the perfect Michelin tyre for your automobile by letting you go through various features like size, car manufacturer, model, cost, etc. You can also compare various tyre models before finalizing the product.

5 reasons to buy Michelin Tyres
  • Michelin is known to be one of the four largest tyre manufacturers all over the world.
  • The high-level endurance test is performed on every tyre manufactured at Michelin.
  • Their forty years of experience at rally labs makes them really special.
  • Superb rolling resistance offered by Michelin tyres ensures less friction on the road. 
  • High fuel efficiency is guaranteed when you buy Michelin tyres.
Types of Michelin Tyres
  1. Vehicle type – Michelin offers a wide range of tyres that are classified according to the type of vehicle you own. You can find various passenger car tyres, SUV car tyres and many more varieties.
  2. Road usage – The tyres can vary according to your varying driving experiences and needs. If you wish to drive on rugged terrains and hilly roads, then you should go for off-road tyres that deliver excellent off-road traction and comfort. Or else you can also choose on-road tyres that offer fine grip, comfort, and long lasting tread, for smooth and fine roads.
  3. Energy tyre Lines – These tyres provide the best fuel efficiency without any comprise on safety, longevity, and robustness.
  4. Latitude Tyre Lines – These tyres are aimed especially for the varying range of SUV vehicles.
  5. Pilot Tyre Lines – With their ultra-high performance, these tyres are suitable for everyday roads and competitive tracks 
Buying guide for Michelin Tyres 
  1. Vehicle – Know your vehicle! Separate range of tyres is available for two-wheelers, four-wheelers and so on.
  2. Road types – If you aim to travel on smooth and good quality roads, then on-road tyres will be sufficient. But when you are more into driving on terrains and hilly regions, then off-road tyres which offer excellent grip and robustness are good.
  3. Endurance – Endurance test is a must for every tyre. Good quality tyres go through excessive endurance tests to ensure their best performance.
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