Ceat Tyre Price List in India

Ceat Tyre Price in India

Latest Ceat Tyre ModelsPrice
Ceat Milaze 155 70R13 Tubetype 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 2,999
CEAT 80 100 18 Secura Zoom TL Tube Less TyreRs. 1,900
CEAT Gripp Tube TyreRs. 1,350
CEAT 2 75 17 Secura Zoom F Tube TyreRs. 1,199
CEAT Zoom 90/90-12 Tube TyreRs. 1,100
Ceat 100 90 18 Vertigo Sport Tube TyreRs. 1,841
CEAT 3 17 Gripp TT Tube TyreRs. 1,400
Ceat Milaze 145 80R12 Tubetype 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 2,699
Ceat Milaze 155 65R13 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 2,450
CEAT 3 50 10 Milaze TT Tube TyreRs. 1,800
Ceat Tyre

Although the venture started off during the 1950s under Italian ownership, it was after three decades that CEAT found a strong foothold in the commercial arena. Since its re-emergence in 1980, the company has sincerely worked towards ensuring unsurpassed driving experiences for countless people across the country and the globe. 

Whether it’s a stylish car, a school bus, farm vehicles, or scooters, there are CEAT tyres for each and every vehicle. Exceptional grip and dynamic performances make CEAT tyres the pioneers in the market! 

The following page is the most effective resource for buying CEAT tyres. You can check out the various models and types of tyres available in the market, draw comparisons between them, and take a look at their prices too. Once you know which one to buy, you can also catch a glimpse of their prices and availability. 

5 reasons to buy CEAT Tyres

When it comes to investing in CEAT tyres, buyers will have umpteen reasons to do so. Here’s what makes them special:
  • Superior grip on the road even in the roughest terrains
  • Optimized rides and smooth handling 
  • 7% more fuel-efficient compared to other brands
  • Better control on the corners 
  • Innovative five-pitch design with a sturdy finish 
Knowing the Variants 

You will get a multitude of options while buying CEAT tyres. From 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers to large SUVs and farm vehicles, the company manufactures tyres for one and all. Check out the available options. 

1. Tyres for Cars

Perfect on-road and strong off-road performance is what you get from these tyres. They are highly stable and can ensure a smooth riding experience for you. 

2. Two-wheeler Tyres 

With CEAT two-wheeler tyres, you can experience complete control over your scooters and motorcycles. With outstanding maneuverability, these tyres will uplift your vehicle’s performance.

3. LCV Tyres

If you are looking for the perfect tyre options for Light Commercial vehicles, CEAT tyres will prove to be the best options to rely on. The unique design of the tyres imparts durability and strength to the vehicle. 

4. Farm Vehicle Tyres 

Farm vehicles require sturdy tyres with self-cleaning controls. That’s what you get with CEAT tyres. Your farm vehicles will run smoothly and that too, for long hours! 

5. Truck Tyres

With exceptional performance and unique tread wear, CEAT’s truck tyres can reduce CPKM or Cost-per-Kilometer. Your trucks will keep on running smoothly for days to come. 

How to purchase Ceat Tyres?
  • The features
If you are buying CEAT tyres, make sure you check the features viz. the grip, control on the road, and maneuverability are some of the factors worth looking for. 
  • Performance 
The performance of the tyre will help you know its capability and capacity. Quite naturally, it is a crucial factor to consider. 
  • On-road grip 
Do you experience superior grip while driving your car? Strong grip and complete control over the roughest of terrains is what you get with CEAT tyres. 

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