Bridgestone Tyre Price List in India

Bridgestone Tyre Price in India

Latest Bridgestone Tyre ModelsPrice
Bridgestone S248 165 80R14 Tubeless 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 4,500
Bridgestone B290 TL 155 65 R13 73T Tubeless Car TyreRs. 3,158
Bridgestone B290 175/70R14 Tubeless 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 3,740
Bridgestone B290 175 65R14 Tubeless 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 4,250
Bridgestone D689 235 70R16 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 7,200
Bridgestone B250 185 65R14 Tube Less 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 4,053
Bridgestone B290 185 65R15 Tube Less 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 4,600
Bridgestone S248 165 80R13 Tube Type 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 3,200
Bridgestone B290 165 80R14 Tubeless 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 4,350
Bridgestone D689 235 75R15 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 7,500
About Bridgestone Tyre

Serving the Indian automobile industry for more than 80 years now, BRIDGESTONE is a leading supplier of reliable and quality assured tyres to most of the OEMs in India. The company is known for its premium quality certifications, best-in-class customer support, and state-of-art manufacturing plants that have helped it to carve a niche in domestic and international markets. Started its manufacturing operations with a single plant in 1996 near Indore, the company has set up another plant in Pune in the year 2003.

Bridgestone uses highly advanced technologies and skilled workforce to manufacture quality-approved types and automobiles products that are offered at affordable prices. The company has a strong distributional network of 3,000 dealers across Indian cities to make quality tyres available across all Indian locations. BRIDGESTONE India has its presence across almost every corner of the country. 

5 Reasons to Buy Bridgestone Tyre
  • Supports airtight assembly
  • Better fuel efficiency 
  • Lesser balance weight required for smoother operations
  • Better heat dissipation 
  • Ease repair and maintenance methods
Various Types of Tyres by BRIDGESTONE

Selecting the right tyres for your automobiles is very important to ensure that you enjoy safe rides, enjoy optimal fuel efficiency and your vehicle works smoothly no matter on which roads it is passing through. 

Read below to know more about the types of tyres manufactured by the company and why they are best for your vehicles:

1. Passenger Tyre: Counted amongst one of the common types of tyres, the passenger tyres are widely used in hatchbacks and smaller cars to ensure comfortable and balanced operations of your vehicles. Get these tyres installed in your vehicles for better grip, fuel efficiency and faster speed with added control.

2. Bus and Truck Tyre: BRIDGESTONE is a reliable name in manufacturing a range of cost-effective solutions to the road transport industry. They are preferred by most fleet operators who wish to save on fuel costs and enjoy better grip on-road while transiting people or goods from one place to another.

3. Tubeless Tyres: As the name suggests, the tyres do not have any tubes in their make. Thus, the tyre and the rim of the wheel rim form an airtight container making them a much more convenient option. Tubeless tyres promise hassle-free operations and hence are preferred by most drivers.

How to Buy the Right Bridgestone Tyre Model?
  • By Vehicle - Selecting the right tyre for your vehicle based on its model and make is the ideal solution to avoid any mishap and balancing issues. Refer to your car’s make guide or seek assistance from professionals to know the exact tyre type, before making a final purchase. 
  • By Pattern - Tyre patterns helps in deciding the grips and control while your vehicle in running too fast or is crossing an area with bad weather conditions. The patterns offer good grip on the road and provides perfect traction control. Therefore, you can choose your desired ones from the range of tyre patterns and enjoy utmost safety on roads.
  • By Size - Selecting an ideal size of your tyres is very important to ensure proper balancing and absorbing road shocks. Choose from an extensive range of tyres on basis of suitability, requirement and budget.

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