Apollo Tyre Price List in India

Apollo Tyre Price in India

Latest Apollo Tyre ModelsPrice
Apollo Amazer 4G 155 70R13 Tubeless 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 2,445
Apollo Amazer 4G 155 80R13 Tubeless 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 3,677
Apollo Amazer 4G Life 205 65 R15 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 4,894
Apollo Amazer 3G 145 80R13 Tubeless 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 2,500
Apollo Alnac 4Gs 185 65R15 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 4,550
Apollo Amazer 3G 145 70R12 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 1,763
Apollo Acelere 155 65R13 Tubeless 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 2,800
Apollo Acelere 185 65R14 Tubeless 4 Wheeler TyreRs. 4,566
Apollo Tyre

The 17th biggest manufacturer of tyres in the world, Apollo Tyres Ltd. was started in the year 1972. From there on, the company has become one of the leading tyre manufacturers in many countries and most of the vehicles today get their wheels from the company. Sturdy and durable, the tyres from Apollo have always been a standard high above the rest of the companies. The company has come out with different models of tyres for every vehicle that runs on the road. 

This page can guide you in picking the right Apollo tyres for your vehicle. Using the search filter you can refine your search in the website. By comparing a single model with up to four other different models, you can choose the right product. 

5 reasons to choose Apollo Tyre
  1. One of the leading brands of the tyres used in the vehicles running on the road
  2. Different models of tyres available for all different vehicles in the world 
  3. Sturdy and long lasting performance by the tyres
  4. Efficient customer service and support for all queries and help
  5. Effective warranty period for the tyres purchased from the authorized dealers of the company 
Different types of Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres has constantly been coming up with new model of tyres to suit every terrain. Here are some of the different models of tyres that you can get from Apollo. 

Tyres for cars and SUVs

Improved stability and braking conditions, the tyres for all the 4-wheelers have the required control over the road and provides precision driving for the customers. 

Tyres for motorbikes

Perfect for all weather conditions, the tyres have great grip over any road surface and are able to give a smooth ride without skidding even under wet conditions of the road. 

Tyres for trucks and buses

Heavy duty vehicles have the sturdy tyres, which are able to traverse any type of terrain without compromising on the mileage provided by the vehicle. 

Tyres for industrial use

Vehicles used in the industries like diggers and earth movers can withstand the tough applications. 

Tyres for agricultural use

Vehicles used in agriculture like tractor or harvester makes use of these tyres, which provide an enhanced grip over the surface. 

Buying the right Apollo Tyre

Terrain - Check the terrain over which you would be driving your vehicle, for the rugged terrains will require a tyre that is sturdy and which does not wear off so easily. For the smooth surface, the tyres need traction and a firm grip over the surface. 

Dimensions - The tyre dimensions vary concerning vehicles. Measure the tyres of your vehicle before choosing one, as a tyre which is out of proportion will end up causing you an accident on the road. 

Vehicle use - Choose a tyre which can be used in all weather conditions if you are planning on driving the vehicle often. The tyre must withstand the constant wear and tear for a long time. 

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