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Note Counting Machine Price List

Latest Note Counting MachinesPrice
Accura E 2200 MG Note Counting MachineRs. 12,500
Stok ST-HNS01 Note Counting MachineRs. 2,599
Namibind Compact Pro Note Counting MachineRs. 3,491
Namibind Eazy Lite Note Counting MachineRs. 9,315
Namibind True Value Note Counting MachineRs. 15,525
Cashtech 290 Note Counting MachineRs. 5,700
Cashtech 320 Note Counting MachineRs. 6,650
Cashtech Economy 1A Note Counting MachineRs. 4,500
Strob 2200 Note Counting MachineRs. 8,000
OfOffice Bird OB6000V Note Counting MachineRs. 8,500

List of Note Counting Machine Brands

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Large scale cash transactions are not a new thing. To ensure that these operations go smoothly, it is essential to transfer the cash amount correctly. From small businesses to financial institutes and even some households, note counting machines are the devices of choice to ensure this. You most certainly would have come across note counting machines in banks when you go to withdraw or deposit cash. Jewelry, huge retail stores, where large amounts of cash are used as payment methods, note counting machines come handy.

Best features of Note Counting Machines

Note counting machines essentially count the number of notes put into the mechanism and gives an accurate number. They are able to detect cut notes, double or notes stuck together etc. so that the user does not need to manually check for all these factors and waste time.

New trends in Note Counting Machines

The note counting machines of today don’t serve only one function. The new range of machines also comes with a counterfeit detector that efficiently detects forged notes using magnetic and ultraviolet sensors. With the new pattern recognition criteria that some of these machines incorporate, the user does not even have to worry about sorting the different denominations of the notes anymore before putting them in the compartment as the machine recognizes the different values by itself.

Popular brands available

Note counting machines may not be a very big market but there certainly are some brands like Maxsell, Godrej, Strob, Sun-Max, Office Bird, Celtroi and many more that offer the best quality note counting machines.

Key Factors To Consider while buying note counting machines

A note counting machine being quite an important device, it is advisable to look into a few aspects of the gadget before buying one. Firstly, consider the size and portability of the machine. Secondly, consider the features that you want, pay only for what you need, and not more. Next, see if you need a battery- operated machine or one that can be plugged into the socket for functionality. Lastly, consider the price… you don’t want to be counting unnecessary notes on someone else’s machine. Buy one of your own!

Why Compareraja?

It is sensible to compare and see which of the various note counting machines are the most suited to your needs. For this reason, heading to CompareRaja is a good decision as the website offers a brilliant interface wherein the user can efficiently compare the various models and arrive at a decision.