Monitor Price List in India

Monitor Price List

Latest MonitorsPrice
Acer T272HL Bmidz 27 Inch MonitorRs. 84,140
Dell 817-BBEF 24 Inch MonitorRs. 56,740
HP F7A92AA 7 Inch MonitorRs. 17,081
Lenovo ThinkVision P27 27 Inch MonitorRs. 85,550
Lenovo ThinkVision T1714P 17 Inch MonitorRs. 37,873
LG 34UM94-P 34 Inch MonitorRs. 120,181
Philips 247E6BDAD 24 Inch MonitorRs. 23,568
Samsung LC27FG70FQNXZA 27 Inch Gaming MonitorRs. 82,284
LG 24UD58 24 inch MonitorRs. 26,950
Samsung TC191W 19 inch MonitorRs. 84,608

List of Monitor Brands

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In the urban areas, most people use computers and laptops. One of the most integral parts of the computer or laptop is the monitor, which is also called as the output device. In the yesteryears, the cathode ray tube or CRT technology was predominantly used in monitors, but today these have disappeared into oblivion. There are still some organizations that are using CRT monitors, but they may be on their way to retirement.

Best features of Monitors

The CRT monitors paved the way for LCD and LED monitors. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and LED stands for light emitting diode. Active matrix of TFT and a passive matrix technology are the two types of LCD monitors that are currently in the market these days. The TFT monitors give better picture quality as compared to the matrix LCD monitors. The Passive matrix monitors are comparatively cheaper than the TFT monitors and they also have a slow response time. Most LCD manufacturing companies are slowly decreasing the production of Passive matrix LCD monitors.

New trends in Monitors

LED monitors are the latest monitors that have hit the market in the recent years. As compared to the LCD counterparts, the LED monitors are sleeker and they are more advanced in terms of performance and quality. On the power front, the LED monitors use lesser energy than the LCD or CRT monitors. LED monitors provide several benefits over the conventional LCD monitors. LED monitors produce images that are high in contrast. When the LED monitors are disposed, they have minimal impact on the environment. As compared with the LCD and CRT monitors, the LED monitors are long lasting.

Popular Monitor brands

Some of the most popular brands of monitors are Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Panasonic etc.

Key factors to consider while buying Monitors

When you have a computer that needs a new monitor, you will have to keep in mind the aforementioned options. On the cost front, the CRT monitors are the cheapest, but they are obsolete these days – there may be a handful of manufactures still manufacturing these monitors. LCDs are cheaper as compared with the LED monitors, but they too are getting phased out slowly and steadily.

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