Vivo Mobile Price List

Vivo Mobile Price List In India

Latest Vivo Mobile ModelsPrice
Vivo V7Rs. 16,990
Vivo V7+Rs. 19,599
Vivo Y69Rs. 12,500
Vivo Y55sRs. 10,000
Vivo Y66Rs. 11,601
Vivo Y53Rs. 7,600
Vivo V5sRs. 14,440
Vivo V5 PlusRs. 16,379
Vivo Y21LRs. 6,935
Vivo X5Rs. 19,499
Vivo Mobiles Prices 2017

Founded in the year 2008, Vivo is a renowned smartphone manufacturer headquartered in Guangdong, China. The company offers a wide range of smartphones targeted towards different types of buyers with different budgets for their mobile phones. However, even the mobiles at the lower end come with a host of advanced features, making them a perfect pick for buyers looking for an affordable smartphone.

To help you select the best Vivo mobile phone, this CompareRaja page has a number of filters. You can use the filters to narrow down the available options on the basis of the Screen Size, Processor, Camera, Battery, etc. Moreover, you can also make side-by-side comparisons of up to four mobiles simultaneously to easily understand the differences between the specifications of each phone to pick the best one as per your budget and needs.

5 Reasons to Buy Vivo Smartphone

A. World-renowned Chinese manufacturing and quality standards
B. Mobile phones available across a wide price range
C. Ideal combination of looks and performance
D. Excellent audio and video quality
E. Advanced features and specifications

Types of Mobiles by Vivo

In India, Vivo offers its mobile phones under three ranges- V Series, X Series and Y Series.

V Series:
The V series of mobile phones from Vivo are targeted towards buyers who are looking for smartphones with a host of advanced features but are not very expensive. Some of the features of mobile phones in these series include Dual Front Camera, Octa-Core Processor, and Sleek Design. Some popular offerings in this series are V5Plus, V5Lite, and V5.

X Series:
The X Series of mobile phones from Vivo are its premium offering which is more expensive than the V and Y series. With 64-bit Octa-Core Processor, Hi-Fi Technology and compatibility with the latest 4G LTE network, these smartphones are perfect for buyers looking for a modern smartphone. X5 is one of the most popular model from this series.

Y Series:
The Y Series of mobile phones from the brand are for buyers looking for a budget-friendly phone. These phones come with features like magnesium alloy body, 4G compatibility, Hi-Fi technology and Super Screenshot. Some of the most popular Y Series models are Y55L, Y51L, Y55s and Y21L.

Buying the Right Vivo Mobile

Some of the factors that can help you select the right Vivo phone include-

As Vivo phones are available at a wide price point, your budget is definitely an important consideration. If you are looking for something premium, the X Series of mobile phones can be a great option. If you are looking for something budget-friendly and power-packed, the V Series and Y Series mobile phones are great.

The processor is an important factor if you are a multitasker. If you are looking to buy a powerful mobile phone which will allow you to multitask effortlessly, a Vivo smartphone with an Octa-core processor can be great.

The size and type of display are also important. Vivo offers an extensive range of mobile phones with displays more than 5-inch, which can be perfect for your photos, videos, web browsing and a lot more.

Also check the front and rear camera of the mobile phone. Apart from just the megapixel, also check the image sensor, aperture and lens system to make sure that the one you select can capture crystal-clear photos and videos.

Comparing Vivo Mobiles with CompareRaja

CompareRaja, apart from allowing you to compare the Vivo mobile phones, also ensures that you can buy the selected phone at the best online price. It not only eliminates the need to check each mobile phone individually but also ensures that you are not required to visit multiple online stores individually to get the best deal.