Motorola Mobile Price List

Motorola Mobile Price List In India

Latest Motorola Mobile ModelsPrice
Moto M 32 GBRs. 15,999
Moto E3 Power 16 GBRs. 7,999
Moto G4 Play 16 GBRs. 8,999
Moto Z 64 GBRs. 37,950
Moto Z PlayRs. 22,990
Moto M 64 GBRs. 17,999
Moto G4 Plus 16 GBRs. 9,390
Moto G4 Plus 32 GBRs. 13,999
Moto G4 16 GBRs. 10,499
Moto X Force 64 GBRs. 29,899

Motorola Mobile prices 2017

This page has listings of all the recently released as well as the old and popular Motorola mobile phones that are available in the market currently. The page also contains the prices of the current market prices of the models; the prices are sourced from the reliable sources like Snapdeal, eBay, Amazon, Flipkart and other popular e-commerce stores. The page is a blessing for all those people who are looking to buy a new phone, by knowing the prices of the model that you want to buy at different online stores, you get to know which stores offer the phone at the lowest price and save money.

How to buy best mobile online?

Today, buying a good smartphone to suit one’s needs is not as easy as it may seem. There are a plethora of brands and models to choose from. It is therefore advised that you compare the features of the different phones before you choose to buy one.

Compare mobile phones

The modern day mobile phones are not just any ordinary device that lets you only to call and receive a call; they serve many large purposes including browsing, video calling, playing games, music etc. With so many features to look at, you need to decide what do you want, do you need a phone that has a good sound so that it enhances your multimedia and gaming experience, or do you need a phone that provides you a hassle-free multitasking experience. You may also want to check the battery life of the phone. Today, most phones are loaded with powerful batteries that last for a full day.

Mobile Phone price comparison

Just as it is important to consider the features, it is also pivotal that you compare the prices of the different models of Motorola mobile phones to determine, which offers the best value for money as well as suits your needs. Before you set out to buy a mobile phone, it is best advised that you first compare the prices online and figure out which store is offering the model that you want to buy at the lowest price.

Why Motorola Mobile Phone?

Motorola is one of the leading players in the world of smartphones. The brand is known for providing its global customers the most stylish, smart and technologically advanced phones that meet the needs of the different users. The Google ‘Nexus’ phone and the most recently launched Moto X-Force are immensely popular among the global customers.

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