Micromax Mobile Price List

Micromax Mobile Price List In India

Latest Micromax Mobile ModelsPrice
Micromax Bolt Q326Rs. 2,825
Micromax Canvas 5 Lite Q463Rs. 7,130
Micromax Canvas Unite 4Rs. 6,849
Micromax Canvas Selfie 4Rs. 4,498
Micromax X408Rs. 805
Micromax X406Rs. 830
Micromax X402Rs. 1,045
Micromax X556Rs. 964
Micromax Canvas Unite 4 PlusRs. 9,800
Micromax Canvas Fire 4G Q411Rs. 5,790

Micromax Mobile prices 2017

This mobile phone company brought a revolution with the launch of its products! Micromax came up with phones that were smart and not over priced. Yes! It became possible for everyone to have a smart phone, especially one that fits their budget! One this page you can easily compare the prices available on online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and more. This page constantly updates their products and price lists, and all the information that is required by the customers.

Things to consider before buying a smartphone

When buying a mobile phone there are a few things that top the checklist. The screen size, depending on whether you are looking for a big phone that can help you read documents or a compact one that easily fits in your palm. They have options available in different sizes.

The operating system is the next thing that comes to mind, most phones today use the Android OS and are updated with the latest version (lollipop) or the Android v 4.4.4. The internal and expandable memory capacities are also important features. To make sure it works fast and has no difficulty running multiple apps simultaneously you would have to look for the processor.

Why to buy online?

Seems like such a tiring routine! Imagine having to do that for all the phones and then having to decide which one is best. You’ll feel like a rat at the buffet dinner, and they usually end up starving themselves. Here’s what you can do instead; pick phones that fit your budget range and compare them on any of the online store websites. You can also compare prices and other features as they are all available in tabular format one against the other.

Compare prices and specs

Most companies offer similar features but sometimes the products are overpriced, where you can get something that is equally efficient at a cheaper price! You can also look at images from different angles and pick designs that appeal to your taste! What’s better? You can also look through the reviews for these products and other specifications, helping you take an informed decision!

Why Micromax?

Micromax, hit the Indian markets with a storm, with its products competing with tech giants like Samsung. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they did succeed. Their aim to provide smart phones at smart prices was a smart move and their products are not just economic but efficient as well! Their Canvas series showed that they are capable of designing everything from economic to glamorous!

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