Landline Phone Price List in India

Long before the advent of the mobile phones, the landline telephones were the most convenient source of communication. In the early 90’s almost every one depended on the landline phone to communicate with each other; it was the fastest means of communication then. Slowly with the advent of the pagers and then the mobile phones, landline phones became less popular. In fact, several people even removed their landline phone connections. However, this phone is not completely out of the market yet and there are many people who think Landline phones are more reliable than mobile phones. With the addition of various new and innovative features in the landline phones, people still buy landline phones. The landline phones are considered to be the most reliable phone in terms of connectivity. Since these phones are connected via wires, you can bet there are no problems of network loss and you can enjoy talking continuously.

Panasonic Landline Phone Price List Beetel Landline Phone Price List Gigaset Landline Phone Price List Orpat Landline Phone Price List Binatone Landline Phone Price List

Landline Phone Price in India

Latest Landline PhonesPrice
Motorola CT202I Corded Landline PhoneRs. 1,060
Panasonic KX-TG3411 Cordless Landline PhoneRs. 1,599
Binatone Concept 700 Landline PhoneRs. 815
Binatone Spirit 200 Corded Landline PhoneRs. 655
Panasonic KX-TG3611 Cordless Landline PhoneRs. 1,965
Beetel M71 Corded Landline PhoneRs. 1,114
MOTOROLA FW200L Corded Landline PhoneRs. 1,910
Gigaset A490 Cordless Landline PhoneRs. 2,099
Beetel C11 Corded Landline PhoneRs. 436
Panasonic KX-TS880MXBD Corded Landline PhoneRs. 2,855

List of Landline Phone Brands

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