Intex Power Bank Price List in India

Intex Power Bank Price in India

Latest Intex Power Bank ModelsPrice
Intex IT PB11K 11000 mAh Power BankRs. 789
Intex IT PB12.5K 12500 mAh Power BankRs. 999
Intex IT PB 20K 20000 mAh Power BankRs. 1,538
Intex IT PB10k 10000 mAh Power BankRs. 845
Intex IT PB16K 16000 mAh Power BankRs. 999
Intex IT PB6K 6000mAH Power BankRs. 1,050
Intex PB 108 10800 mAh Power BankRs. 1,449
Intex IT PB12K 12000 mAh Power BankRs. 1,165
Intex IT PB15k 15000 mAh Power BankRs. 999
Intex IT PB 4K 4000 mAh Power BankRs. 489
Intex Power Bank Prices 2018

This page contains the entire listing of power banks by Intex sold on different e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. Just click on any model and check out the ongoing price of it on these portals. You not only save a lot of time by doing this but also steer clear of confusion this way.

How to Buy Best Power Bank online?

Power banks are lifesavers these days. These external battery backups make sure that whenever your phone or tablet lacks the necessary battery, they can get it from the former. With so many brands selling power banks online, it is but natural to get confused. In order to easily make your decision within seconds, compare the price and other important features, and you will see within no time, you have reached a conclusion.

Factors to Consider While Getting a Power Bank

Battery Capacity:This is the most important thing to look for. Ideally, it should be twice the battery capacity of your smartphone or tablet so that it can give you 1.5 - 2 charges.
Brand: Another important thing to see is the brand that you are buying is credible and known for providing good quality electronics.
Number of Ports: Usually, you get one or two ports for charging phones. If you have multiple devices that you need to charge, always go for power banks, which have more than one port. Yes, it will be a little costly, but the expense will be totally worth it because you will get to charge your devices altogether, that too within a very short time.
Price: Price is one of the major factors to consider while purchasing a Power Bank. But, bear in mind that if you compromise quality for the price, you may be getting something that could go bad soon, and you might have to replace it. One way to avail discounts is to buy them around a festival time or be on the lookout for the drop in their price.
Current Output: From 1A to 5A, you can get a huge variety here. The more the current output, faster the charging.

Why Intex Power Bank?

Intex Technologies is an Indian-based electronics company known for providing high-end electronic items at unbeatable prices. Intex Power Banks are easy to use, not too expensive, and some of these can charge your phone or tablet more than twice in around forty minutes. Also, it is light in weight which makes it convenient for you to carry it around and use, whenever you like.

Compare Intex Power Bank Prices on CompareRaja

Thanks to CompareRaja, you will be able to use the compare feature to your maximum advantage and easily figure out which seller is selling your preferred power bank at a reduced price. And, the best part is you get to compare multiple models from the very same brand at one go. Hurry up and get your Intex power bank!

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