IFB Microwave Oven Price List

Simplify meal times with IFB’s all-new range of microwave oven and bring out the Master Chef in you. With more than four decades of experience in home electronics, IFB is one of the most trusted consumer goods brands in India. Loaded with a wide variety of features, IFB microwave ovens help you refine and polish your culinary skills, helping you impress and Wow your friends and family. Choose from solo, grill, and convection or combo microwaves from IFB. Browse through the list of 20+ products to pick the right one that fits your kitchen perfectly. IFB ovens are available in sizes from 20 litres up to 40 litres. Read the key specifications to help you land the perfect model. The IFB microwave ovens price list features the latest prices from 10+ retailers. Click on the accompanying images to take a closer look at your preferred model.

IFB Microwave Oven Price List In India

Latest IFB Microwave Oven ModelsPrice
IFB 25BCSDD1 25 Litre ConvectionRs. 15,399
IFB 30FRC2 Convection 30 LitresRs. 14,147
IFB 20PM2S Solo 20 LitresRs. 5,999
IFB 25BCS1 Convection 25 LitresRs. 14,290
IFB 30BRC2 Convection 30 LitresRs. 12,999
IFB 20PG4S 20 Litres Grill Microwave OvenRs. 7,699
IFB 17PM-MEC2B Solo 17 LitresRs. 5,145
IFB 17PG3S Grill 17 LitresRs. 6,098
IFB 23BC4 Convection 23 Litres Microwave OvenRs. 10,099
IFB 25BC4 Convection 25 LitresRs. 11,299
IFB Microwave Oven Prices 2018

Today microwave ovens occupy a place of prominence in almost all kitchens. It saves time, retains the flavour of the food and is extremely convenient. This modern kitchen appliance can cook, grill, bake, defrost and reheat food. And when it comes to the brand of the microwave, IFB is the preferred choice for customers all over the country. With over four decades of experience in products across a range of categories, IFB is now synonymous with trust and efficiency. This Swiss conglomerate started its operations in 1974 in India and since then has satisfied thousands of customers with its innovative and top of the range offerings.
On this CompareRaja page, you can compare several models of IFB microwave ovens and pick the one that suits your needs. Also, CompareRaja lists the price of that particular model at several retailers. You can then choose the retailer who offers you the best price and complete your purchase at the retailer’s portal all with one click.

Top Reasons to Choose IFB Microwave Ovens over other Brands
  1. Sleek, polished chromium interiors that fit perfectly for modern kitchens
  2. A vast range of accessories for your microwave that helps in extending the life of your oven for a long time
  3. Cleaning your microwave is hassle-free with the range of microwave additives from IFB to aid in cleaning
  4. AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is available for your microwaves that covers service and replacement charges
  5. An exclusive toll-free number using which you can get in touch with representatives and resolve any queries or complaints you face
Different Types of Microwave Ovens from IFB

The IFB Solo Microwave ovens come with a heating rod that emits microwaves to heat up your food uniformly.
The IFB Grill Microwave contains a heating element that cooks your meats and veggies, lending it a smoky, delicious aroma and flavour.
The IFB Convection Microwave oven does the job of a microwave, a BBQ and a regular OTG. With several auto-cook options, you can cook, grill and bake using this model.

How to choose the right Microwave Oven?

For Basic Needs - If you are looking for a microwave to heat, boil, defrost and reheat your food, then the Solo Microwaves from IFB are perfect for your needs.
For BBQ/Grilling:
If you are looking for a microwave to double up as a BBQ oven, then the IFB Grill Microwave ovens are perfect for your needs. You can cook crispy fries, veggies and kebabs using this type of microwave.
For Baking:
If you’re looking for an oven to bake cookies, cakes and pastries, then the IFB Convection Oven is perfect for you. It cooks 25% faster when compared to regular OTGs.

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