Toshiba Memory Card Price List

Toshiba Memory Card Price List In India

Latest Toshiba Memory Card ModelsPrice
Toshiba MicroSDHC 8 GB Class 10 40 MB/s Memory CardRs. 1,483
Toshiba Exceria MicroSDHC 32 GB UHS Class 1Rs. 1,598
Toshiba MicroSDHC 8 GB 15 MB Class 4Rs. 579
Toshiba Memory Cards Prices 2017

Toshiba is a renowned Japanese conglomerate founded in the year 1875. While it was mainly into manufacturing heavy commercial electrical machinery, it diversified into consumer electronics and home appliances in the 1940s. You can choose from two types of Toshiba Cards viz. SDXC and SDHC to store your data ranging from photos and videos. They are available in varying capacities and compatible with most devices including cameras, camcorders, tablets, set top boxes and even faming consoles. Toshiba cater to data storage requirements with decent transfer speeds of both professional as well as amateur users. 

If you are looking to buy a reliable memory card from a world-class brand, Toshiba is certainly an excellent option. But while you have selected Toshiba, choosing a particular memory card might not be that simple owing to the fact that the company offers so many different types of memory cards. This page will help you select the right memory card as per your needs in a reliable and quick way. There are several filters, like Prices, User Ratings, and Class with the help of which you can narrow down the options and select the best Toshiba memory card. 

5 Reasons to Buy Toshiba Memory Card
  • World-class Japanese manufacturing technology
  • Integrated with NAND flash technology invented by Toshiba in 1984.
  • One of the few brands to offer the widest range of cards for every device and storage capacity.
  • More than 35 years of experience in the flash memory space. 
  • Constantly innovating their memory products making them the pioneers in storage space.
Types of Memory Cards by Toshiba

Toshiba offers three broad categories of memory cards which are -
  • SD Cards: Toshiba has put forth a range SDXC and SDHC memory cards. Integrated with the renowned NAND flash memory technology. They let you store and transfer high-res photos and videos at fast speeds. In all, there are three types of SD Cards
  1. Exceria SD Cards- The Exceria range of SD cards are ideal for photographers looking for a high-end memory card. With writing speed of up to 240MB/s and reading speed of up to 260MB/s, you can always rely on Toshiba Exceria SD memory card to store all your photography and videography data.  They offer storage capacity from 16GB to 256GB.
  2. HS Professional SD Cards- Available in multiple capacities, the HS Professional SD cards from Toshiba have read speeds of up to 30MB/s. The Class 10 cards can be an excellent choice for modern cameras and capture smooth videos. 
  3. HS Standard Cards- If you are looking for a reliable memory card for your camera, High-Speed Standard memory cards from Toshiba can be a great choice. Available in multiple capacities, the memory cards are also compatible with laptops, tablets and many other devices which support the SDHC standard.
  • MicroSD Cards: When you need reliable memory storage and fast data transfer from or on your mobile phones, MicroSD cards from Toshiba can be a perfect choice. You can now choose from a wide range of MicroSD cards according to the speed and storage you need for your mobile devices and tablets. Most of these cards come with an adapter for easy transfer of files, pictures, and videos. 
Much like SD cards, MicroSD cards are also classified broadly into three categories, viz:
  1. Exceria MicroSD Cards: With read speed up to 270MB/S and write speed up to 250MB/S, these class 3 and class 1 cards come in storage capacities ranging from 8GB and 128GB.
  2. HS Professional: These Class 10 cards offer read speed up to 40MB/S, and their storage capacity ranges between 8GB and 64GB. 
  3. HS Standard: These Class 4 cards offer storage capacity ranging between 2GB and 32GB. With read speeds up to 15MB/S, these cards are a perfect choice when your device is compatible with low memory cards.
  • Wireless SD Cards: Isn’t it a pain to transfer files from your camera, phone, or tablet to your laptop? Well, not anymore. The wireless SD cards from Toshiba come with WLAN and NFC capabilities making it seamless to transfer files to your laptop/PC. There are three broad categories of Wireless SD cards offered by Toshiba -
  1. FlashAir SD Cards: These Class 10 cards offer storage capacity of up to 32 GB with a minimum write/read speed of 10MB/s.
  2. NFC SDHC: These Near field communication capable SDHC cards can help you transfer data with the help of NFC technology. These Class 10 cards offer storage capacity ranging between 8GB and 32GB.
  3. TransferJet Cards: These cards offer high-speed data transfer between your devices wirelessly while securing you against leakage of data. The storage capacity of these cards is 16GB.
  4. Compact Flash Cards: These high-speed memory cards are designed especially for seamless and fast transfer of high-res pictures and videos from your DSLRs to your other devices. With read speed up to 160MB/S and write speed up to 120MB/S these cards offer exceptional performance and can store data up to 128GB.  
Buying the Right Toshiba Memory Card

To choose the right Toshiba memory card, consider the factors mentioned below-
  • The speed of Transfer: If the speed of transfer is your deciding factor, Exceria SD and MicroSD cards offer extremely high-speed transfers with reading speed going up to 270MB/s. If speed is not an important criterion, you can go for the HS Standard SD or MicroSD cards.
  • Capacity- Your storage requirement will allow you to select the right capacity of the memory card. Toshiba memory cards are available from 2GB and all the way to 256GB. While Exceria cards offer high storage capacity up to 256GB, HS Standard MicroSD cards are perfect for mobile devices which cannot support high memory cards. 
  • Type of Card-  Make sure that you check and buy a memory card that is suitable for your device before making the decision as not every memory card is suitable for all devices. 
  • Wireless Transfer of Files: If you are looking at something that helps you transfer files from your memory card to your device, NFC, and W-Lan compatible Wireless cards from Toshiba can be a perfect choice. 
Comparing Toshiba Memory Cards with CompareRaja

Apart from allowing you to narrow down the available options, CompareRaja also allows you to make a side-by-side comparison of up to 4 memory cards to help you understand their differences and select one that perfectly matches your budget and requirements. Moreover, it also offers the best of online memory card deals from stores like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc. to make sure that you are not required to visit multiple stores individually in search of the best deal and can save a lot of time.