Sony Memory Card Price List

Sony Memory Card Price List In India

Latest Sony Memory Card ModelsPrice
Sony MicroSDHC 32 GB Class 10 Ultra 70 MB/s Memory CardRs. 1,599
Sony MicroSDHC 16 GB Class 10 (70 MB/s) Memory CardRs. 649
Sony SR-16UY3A 16 GB MicroSD Card Class 10 90 MBsRs. 789
Sony SR-32A4 T1 MicroSDHC 32 GB Class 4Rs. 1,750
Sony SR-32UY2A MicroSDHC 32 GB Class 10Rs. 1,274
Sony SR-64UY2A MicroSDXC 64 GB Class 10Rs. 2,374
Sony MicroSDHC 16 GB Class 10 40 MBs Memory CardRs. 699
Sony SR-16UY2A T MicroSDHC 16 GB Class 10Rs. 7,175
Sony Memory Cards Prices 2017

Sony Corporation, established in 1946, is headquartered in Tokyo. This Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation has its business diversified into various sectors, including consumer and professional electronics, entertainment, gaming, and financial services. Sony is the leading manufacturer of high-quality electronic products. Sony Memory Cards are available for general use as well as for recording and storing images, full HD and 4k videos. Select Sony Memory cards come with Sony File Rescue software which assists in recovering photos and videos that have been deleted accidently. 

Before proceeding to buy a Sony Memory card, remember to check the transfer speed, its compatibility with the device and read/write speed too. The SFN4 series of SD Memory card is available in 8GB and 16GB variants for general use. Out of all the goods, memory cards offered by this company are one of the highly-appreciated products because of various reasons.

On this page, you can navigate through different types of memory cards provided by Sony. Here, you can even refine your search based on various factors, such as capacity, card class, type, user ratings, and budget. Moreover, you can even make a comparison among different types of memory cards price-wise as displayed on leading e-commerce sites, including Amazon, and Flipkart.

5 Reasons to Buy Sony Memory Cards:
  • Dominant brand in the market along with high manufacturing standards.
  • Products carry distinguishable and unmatchable quality.
  • The build quality is fantastic, and the products turn out to be durable and sturdy.
  • Different types of memory cards to match the needs of different people.
  • Excellent and reliable customer service.
Different Types Of Sony Memory Cards:

The distinction of available Sony Memory Cards is what everyone needs is listed as follows -
  • XQD Memory Cards: These memory cards are smaller than Compact Flash and tougher than regular SD cards. They support high speeds and sizes along with fast write speeds.  With reading speed of up to 440 MB/S, it offers ultra-fast transfers. The other features are wear levelling, and data refresh functions, error connection code, etc.
  • SD Cards: These cards offer high-speed data transfer up to 90MB/S. These are available in different sizes, and also provide higher top read speed. You can even grab such cards that support UHS-II interface under this category. 
  • Micro SD Cards: There are various options of Micro SD cards available.  With fast transfer read and high write speed, these memory cards also come with integrated software to recover deleted photos and videos.
How to select the Perfect Sony Memory Card:
  • Storage Capacity: While buying a memory card, make sure that you are purchasing the one that offers enough storage capacity which further depends upon the camera or the phone for which you are buying it. The XQD memory card is most suitable for a camera while an SD or Micro SD card is ideal for a phone.
  • Card Speed: There are different types of cards available that offer different speed class. To select the speed, you must check out the specification of your device, and then select a card accordingly.
  • Size: Different devices would support the different size of cards. You have a standard card, miniSD card, and microSD card. So, just purchase the one that fits the slot of your device perfectly. 
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