Samsung Memory Card Price List

Samsung Memory Card Price List In India

Latest Samsung Memory Card ModelsPrice
Samsung EVO Plus MicroSDXC 128 GB Class 10 (100 MB/s) Memory CardRs. 3,699
Samsung EVO Plus MicroSDXC 32 GB Class 10 100 MB/s Memory CardRs. 749
Samsung EVO Plus MicroSDXC 64 GB Class 10 100 MB/s Memory CardRs. 1,399
Samsung Pro Plus MicroSDXC 64 GB Class 10 (95 MB/s) Memory CardRs. 2,849
Samsung MicroSDHC 16 GB Class 10 (24 MB/s) Memory CardRs. 560
Samsung MicroSDHC 32 GB Class 10 Memory CardRs. 776
Samsung MB-MC256DA/IN MicroSDXC 256 GB Class 10 95 MB/s Evo Plus Memory CardRs. 8,099
Samsung Pro Plus MicroSDHC 32 GB Class 10 (95 MB/s) Memory CardRs. 1,590
Samsung ME256DA EVO Select Micro SDXC 256 GB 95 MB/s Memory CardRs. 11,778
Samsung Evo MB-MP128D MicroSDXC Class 10 128 GB Memory CardRs. 4,300
Samsung Memory Cards Prices 2017

Samsung is one of the trusted brands worldwide when it comes to consumer electronics. The South-Korean technology giant has become a household name and has earned a name for itself amongst its millions of customers. The company appeases its customers the most with a varied range of memory cards. Samsung is one of the world’s most reliable company offering decently sized memory cards equipped to store endless selfies, HD videos and other content on their hand-held devices and gadgets. 

With an impressive array of memory cards to store everyday images, videos, full HD videos with varying transfer speeds and write speeds, it becomes doubly difficult to choose the right memory card. With CompareRaja, you can select the best card that suits your needs easily. CompareRaja helps you find the right one by comparing several products simultaneously. Additional filters like type, storage capacity, transfer speeds, price help you find the best memory card for your device.

Top 5 Reasons why Samsung Memory Cards are the Best Choice
  • Well established R&D network that helps in the production of innovative products
  • Strong supply chain that makes the products easily available all over the world
  • High-performance that ensures all your data is secured 
  • Affordable prices when compared to other similar products in the market
  • Highly responsive customer care centre which helps in resolving all your queries quickly

Range of Memory Cards from Samsung
  • Micro SD Card – Available in Standard and EVO models, this card is suitable for Smartphones and tablets with transfer speed of up to 48MB/S. Sizes vary from 8GB up to 128 GB. 
  • SD Card – Available in Pro Plus with read speed of 95MB/S and EVO Plus models with read speed of up to 80MB/S, these cards are suitable for storing RAW images and HD videos for Cameras and Camcorders that require fast transfers. Available in sizes 32GB and 64GB.

How to Choose the Right Memory Card from Samsung?
  • For Everyday Photos & Video Recording – If you’re looking for memory cards for storing photos and videos clicked in your Smartphone and Point and Shoot Cameras, then the Micro SD cards from Samsung are ideal for you.
  • For Professional Photography & Videography – If you will be recording HD 4K videos and RAW images, then you can choose the Pro Plus and EVO Plus SD Card from Samsung. With Class 10 speed, it’s ideal for storing images that require plenty of space.
  • For Accessing Multimedia – The SD EVO Plus Card with a massive storage capacity of 128 GB is ideal for storing and watching movies and video clips. 

CompareRaja – For the Best Shopping Experience

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