Kingston Memory Card Price List

Kingston Memory Card Price List In India

Latest Kingston Memory Card ModelsPrice
Kingston MicroSDHC 32 GB Class 10Rs. 999
Kingston MicroSDHC 32 GB 4 MB Class 4Rs. 900
Kingston MicroSDHC 4 GB 4 MB Class 4Rs. 370
Kingston MicroSDXC 64 GB Class 10Rs. 2,199
Kingston MicroSDHC 8 GB 4 Class 4Rs. 449
Kingston MicroSDHC 8 GB Class 10Rs. 499
Kingston MicroSDHC 16 GB 4 MB Class 4Rs. 400
Kingston MicroSDHC 16 GB Class 10Rs. 549
Kingston Memory Card Prices 2018

Kingston Technology Corporation was founded in 1987. This American multinational computer technology corporation is known for inventing, manufacturing, selling and supporting flash memory products and other memory products related to the computer. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that Kingston is the second largest supplier of flash memory. Moreover, Kingston is the largest independent producer of DRAM memory modules.

This page lets you go through different types of Memory cards offered by Kingston. Not only you have the chance to compare the specifications here, but you can also compare the prices accessible on the prominent ecommerce sites, such as Flipkart and Amazon. What’s more? You have the power to filter your search based on the factors like the capacity of the card, card class, type, user ratings, and budget. Also, make sure you check out its compatibility with the device which you intend to use it with. Kingston Memory Cards are suitable to store photos, 3D videos, full HD videos, 4K videos and burst mode photos.

5 Reasons to Purchase Kingston Memory Card
  • The company tests all modules and qualifies all components at every stage of production so as to offer you superior quality products.
  • It guarantees 100% compatibility.
  • You have an extensive range of memory solutions for thousands of systems.
  • The brand is well established in this domain and has years of experience.
  • Its commitment and 100% testing makes it a reliable brand.
Different Types Of Kingston Memory Cards

Here is a list of various types of memory cards offered by Kingston:
  • SD Cards: The SD cards by Kingston offer 45MB/s to 90MB/s read and from 10MB/s to 80MB/s write speed. These cards are waterproof, shock & vibration proof, and temperature proof. They offer capacity from 16 GB to 256 GB. 
  • microSD Cards: The read speed of the microSD cards from Kingston starts from 4MB/s to 90MB/s. You can choose according to your needs. The storage capacities range between 4 GB and 256 GB. These cards are durable and sturdy. They have been manufactured in such a way that they can bear even the harshest of climates.
  • CompactFlash Cards: Under this category, you can get your hands on two types of cards, Standard and Ultimate. These cards offer storage capacity from 4GB to 16GB. The speed of these cards can be up to 45MB/s read, and 40MB/s write. The MediaRECOVER feature will be helpful in restoring deleted or corrupted files.

How to Buy the Best Kingston Memory Card?
  • Speed Class: If you are a professional photographer, you would obviously want a fast card so that you can save the clicked images. Moreover, if you want to record high-resolution of videos, then also you need a fast card. To fulfill these wants, an SD card would be a perfect choice. You can select from the different types of SD cards offered by Kingston.
  • Size: There are three types of cards, standard-size, mini, and micro. You have to figure out what kind of card can fit comfortably into the slot of your device. On the basis of that, you can choose the one.
  • Storage Capacity: Different cards offer different storage capacities. From 2 GB to 256 GB, you have a lot of options in front of you in terms of capacity. If you want to use the card for your phone, you can consider a microSD card. If it is a professional camera, a CompactFlash card would be the best.

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