Asus Laptop Price List

If you’re looking for a laptop that offers the best combination of performance and value, then Asus laptops are perfect for you. The Taiwanese laptop maker has an impressive line-up of notebooks. From pocket-friendly everyday use machines to high-end gaming rigs, Asus delivers on both ends of the spectrum. Innovative features, gorgeous and user-friendly designs and bang for the buck are some of the key strengths of an Asus laptop. Choose from a classic Zenbook, a Deluxe Zenbook, Vivobook, Zenbook Flip Series, E-Series, F/R Series, FX/ZX Series, X Series, KA Series, or Gaming Series depending on your budget and usage. Find the right model with the help of the key specifications. Check out the updated Asus laptops price list of 120+ models from 10+ retailers to choose the perfect laptop for you. Take a closer look at the selected model with the help of the in-depth high-definition images.

Asus Laptop Price List In India

Latest Asus Laptop ModelsPrice
Asus VivoBook S14 S410UA EB267T LaptopRs. 54,490
Asus VivoBook S14 S410UA EB367T LaptopRs. 67,990
Asus X541NA-GO017T LaptopRs. 21,999
Asus VivoBook E203NAH-FD049T LaptopRs. 18,900
Asus VivoBook R542UQ-DM251T LaptopRs. 54,590
Asus VivoBook S510UN-BQ218T LaptopRs. 60,968
Asus C202SA-GJ0050 ChromebookRs. 17,997
Asus E203NAH-FD053T LaptopRs. 19,299
Asus E203NAH-FD054T LaptopRs. 19,399
Asus ZenBook UX430UN-GV022T LaptopRs. 76,491
Asus Laptop

The Taiwanese laptop maker, Asus offers a huge line-up of impressive laptops from the ever popular ZenBook to highly specialised gaming rigs. Asus has created a name for itself by embracing the latest technologies like the CoreM, Nvidia G-Sync and so on. While its focus is on the latest offering, it still doesn’t compromise on the basics like a solid build and sleek designs. Asus has consistently earned high ratings for all its models. It’s the first choice for geeks and for people who are serious about their portable computing unit.

Before you buy an Asus laptop, it is wise to make a comparison of your favourite models. This helps you rate and analyse each model with others of similar range. You can further narrow down your search based on filters like screen size, specifications, operating system and other factors like colours, finish and so on. Once you have made the comparison, you can easily pick the one model that suits your requirements. CompareRaja makes it easy to add and delete models when you do the comparison. You can compare several laptops in a single search. You can also check out popular user reviews of the model.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Choose an Asus Laptop

A.With the 4K resolution, Asus offers crystal clear displays.
B. 2-in-1 laptops with detachable keyboards that effortlessly transform between a traditional laptop and a tablet.
C. Ergonomically designed keyboards and Touchpads make working on them comfortable and smooth.
D. Excellent battery backup of 8 hours in entry level models and 12 hours in higher end models.
E. Preloaded Windows which eliminates the need to buy an operating system separately.

Different Series of Laptops from Asus

Asus has different series to satisfy each category of user.
  • ZenBook Series – They are the premium ultraportable laptops aimed at Gen Y, who multitask and want to do much more with their laptops.
  • Gaming Series – This one is for serious gamers. These series of notebooks deliver absolutely high performance even for games that are huge and graphics heavy.
  • E Series –This series from Asus is fancy. The elegant looks with stunning design will simply blow you away.
  • K/A Series, X Series – These are the mainstream laptops from Asus aimed at office goers. With high specification and ergonomic design, working on these laptops is a breeze and doesn’t tire the user.
  • Chromebook – These are sleek and stylish with a shiny chrome outer cover. They have a battery backup of 13 hours with a 360 Degree flip screen.
  • P Series – These are intended for everyday use. They come with 14” screens and can sustain the wear and tear of regular usage.
  • VivoBook Series – Classic design from Asus in Expressive colours. This is a series that is on top of lists. With flip screens, great speakers, these are true stunners.
  • F Series – This series strikes the right balance between looks and performance. It doesn’t compromise one over the other. You can get the best of both worlds with this one.
Which Asus Laptop Suits You?
  1. For Gamers: Asus has an exclusive series aimed at gamers. With Excellent Performance, Stunning displays, the Gaming Series from Asus is a dream come true for avid gamers.
  2. For Students: The P Series from Asus is available at pocket-friendly prices. The 14” screens make it a great option for students to carry around the campus. If budget isn’t an issue, then you can choose VivoBook series or E-Series and become the style icon in the campus.
  3. For Work: K/A and X series are reliable and are aimed at office goers. With less weight and huge storage, they cater to the needs of office work.
  4. For Graphic Designers and Creative Work: ZenBook from Asus is aimed at video editors, photographers and graphic designers who require excellent performance with huge storage.
  5. For Movie and Videos: Chromebook with its 360 Degree Swivel screen makes it great for watching a movie with friends. A battery backup of 13 hours makes it ideal for marathon runs of your favourite TV shows.
  6. For Rugged Use: If hiking, trekking or biking with your notebook is more of your style, then pick the ZenBook. This hybrid laptop seamlessly transitions between a traditional clamshell and a tablet, making it excellent for outdoor usage.
How does CompareRaja Simplify the Process?

The line-up from Asus is impressive, and there are plenty of good models. However, it becomes confusing when picking a single one. You can make it easy by comparing several models in one go at CompareRaja. When you have decided on one model, its price at leading retailers is listed. You can then choose the best price and make the purchase. All this without leaving the pages of CompareRaja.