Laptop Price List in India

Laptop Price List

Latest LaptopsPrice
HP 15 BY004AX LaptopRs. 27,990
HP 15Q-BY002AX LaptopRs. 25,990
Acer Aspire 3 A315-51 (NX.GNPSI.002) NotebookRs. 24,990
Acer Aspire 3 A315-31 (NX.GNTSI.003) LaptopRs. 13,990
Lenovo IdeaPad 320E (80XH01LRIN) LaptopRs. 27,990
Lenovo Yoga 520 (80X800RWIN) LaptopRs. 61,990
Acer Aspire 5 A515-51G (UN.GP5SI.001) LaptopRs. 38,990
Acer Aspire 5 A515-51G (UN.GT0SI.001) LaptopRs. 43,990
Apple MacBook Pro MPTV2HN/ARs. 207,571
HP 15 BU008TU LaptopRs. 24,490

List of Laptop Brands

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The advances in computer technology that brought us the laptop were welcomed with open arms by techno enthusiasts all over. Who would’ve thought that seeing people carrying a laptop bag would be such a common sight in the future? Today, however, it seems almost impossible to leave your house without carrying one!

The past couple of decades have seen an inspiring surge in the number of people turning to laptops as an alternative to desktop computers. The sheer number of laptop- carrying people that one comes across on a daily basis demonstrates the popularity of this product. The dip in the sales of desktop computers is a direct result of the rise in the sales of laptops.

As far as features are concerned, laptop buyers can consider machines with a large or a compact, more portable sized screen. The sleek designs add to the convenience and look of the laptop. Touch screen laptops are gathering fans due to the ease in use that it provides.

The latest addition to the list of different laptop operating systems is Android. A few enterprising brands have begun rolling out laptops loaded with this OS. It thus joins Apple’s OSX, and Windows in the world of laptops.

The current laptop market is dominated by the American brand Apple. Its high end performance and software holds massive appeal for all those who are looking to buy something fancy and powerful. Lenovo, Acer, HP, Dell, Asus, Sony and Samsung are some other brands that offer a wide range of laptops for different users.

A laptop is going to be your constant companion for many years to come and hence it is of the utmost importance that you buy one that you are comfortable with and that aids your work. First, you need to list down all the tasks that you will be using your laptop for. This enables you to look for specific features in the laptop that suit your requirements. Secondly, look at the dimensions of the laptop. You don’t want a laptop that is too heavy or inconvenient to carry especially if you use local transport. Thirdly, look for brands that have a trusted name in the laptop industry so that you are assured of the laptop’s quality.

Buying a laptop can be a cumbersome task. However, ensures that you are not only aware of all the available laptops in the market but also that you make the most apt choice after viewing all the different laptops and their specifications.

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Laptops have made home PCs obsolete in the recent years. With the ability to carry your data wherever you go and get the work done while on a go, laptops come with a lot of advantages, which has made them extremely popular in the market. Laptops are of utmost importance in every industry and can be customised to perform a particular set of functions as well. With great processors, backup, battery life, and features available in the laptops, top competitors such as Apple, Lenovo, Acer, HP and more are available at CompareRaja. Now get the laptop that fits your budget only in CompareRaja!

The top things to remember while buying a laptop

A laptop has become an essential for today’s living catering to various purposes.  Hence, before proceeding to buy a laptop, it is vital for you to have a clear idea of the types of laptops available in the market.

Below are some points that you may follow before buying a laptop that suit your purpose and budget -

•    Size of the Laptop - If you are looking for a laptop that is easily portable, then a notebook which is lighter in weight than a laptop and comes with a small display screen is ideal. Any laptop labelled as an ‘Ultrabook’ should fit your need as they are slim and are extremely light in weight which makes them portable too. It would be best to look for a laptop with a 12-13 inch screen and a weight of about 1 - 1.5kgs.

•    Screen Quality - You will be viewing your laptop screen for long hours, so you will want a laptop with a display that promises a comfortable viewing.  Next, you must look at the resolution. 1920x1080 pixel resolution screen is widely accepted. Also, you must check the viewing angles, for which a laptop that has an IPS technology is preferred.

•    The Keyboard - For all those long typing assignments you need a laptop that has a comfortable keyboard. Look out for a laptop that has a keyboard with a perfect layout and some space around the keys. Make sure that the keys aren’t too sticky and/or they pop out immediately after you press them. Also, keep in mind about the tilting angle of the keyboard for better typing experience.

•    Central Processing Unit or CPU - It is quite hard to resist Intel’s next-gen processors especially the ones like the Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7. These CPUs offer the best performances when it comes to multitasking. i3 based notebooks are used mostly for entry based activities (basic surfing, non-heavy games or apps). i5 based find application in most of the mainstream Laptops, while i7 systems drive you with the best experiences for business, heavy gaming, or multitasking.

•    RAM - You will need a RAM of 4 GB or more to get the best out of your system. The more the RAM, more the number of applications that can run simultaneously without dragging down the speed.

•    Storage - You will definitely need a laptop with a huge amount of space to store all your data. For that, you must always choose laptops with a higher storage capacity in them.

•    Battery Life - Suppose you are doing an important assignment and suddenly the battery drains out. All your works that may be unsaved is likely to be lost. For that, you must always check the battery capacity of the laptop.

Though the manufacturer-quoted battery life is often not indicative of what the laptop can do, certain things like the screen brightness, running too many data processing apps, online streaming videos may drain out your battery faster. The larger the figure in mAh the longer the battery will last.

•    USB 3.0 - A laptop without a 3.0 USB port is same as the old age laptops. You must always look for a laptop has more than 2 USB ports.

•    Build Quality - Good build quality expands your laptop shelf life and provides better value for money.

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FAQs while buying Laptop:

Which Central Processing Unit (CPU) or processor should I buy for my laptop?

Amongst the plenty of processors in the market, Intel processors are an ideal choice if you wish to maintain stream computing. Intel Core i5 promises speed and hassle-free performance of your laptop while the Intel Core i7 is a powerful and most responsive ever processor promising an enriching entertainment and gaming experience coupled with 4k Ultra HD and 360° videos for the high end users

Should I buy an antivirus program?

Yes, It is sensible to purchase an antivirus program rather than use a free one because this could compromise on your system’s security and privacy. Remember there are plenty of malware, botnets, keyloggers, hackers and viruses just a click away so it makes sense to explore the available options and match your antivirus requirements when making the final purchase. At no cost, you should compromise the security of your data, financial details, files and other important information.

How do I find which screen resolution is better?

First and foremost, screen resolution refers to the number of pixels displayed horizontally and vertically on the screen. The most popular screen resolutions available in the market are 720p, 1080p and 1080i. If your work is related to graphics, gaming or watching videos, then you should go for a higher screen resolution i.e screen with a resolution of 1080p while for any other type of work screen resolutions of 720p and 1080i could suffice.

How should I decide which hard disk size suit my requirements?

Every laptop comes packed with some internal storage to help you save your important files securely. The size of the hard disk required depends totally on the type of files you wish to store and their volume in reality. A smaller drive is adequate for saving Word documents, Excel sheets, and presentations. You will need a bigger hard drive for saving software, HD games, movies, and other related things.

How is computing from the Cloud different from computing from my PC's hard drive?

In traditional PCs, data is stored on the local hard drive, but with cloud storage, the data gets stored on the virtual servers, which are hosted by third-party service providers. Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, and many other cloud computing options are available for free access and usage to help you access your files freely anytime, anywhere.

Laptop vs. Tablet: Which is the best choice?

There are no set parameters that can help you decide which of these two is best and why; however, each one of them has some special capabilities, and advantages have that can assist in making computing easier and faster. Go for tablets, if you wish to read books, watch movies, click pictures on the go, while laptops are suitable for staying connected with clients, making modifications in reports, completing assignments on time, and working on hard-core computing tasks.

What operating system is best for students?

You can go for Windows 7, Windows 8, and latest Apple OS are the best operating systems that can assist students in completing their assignments, conducting detailed research and other essential tasks with great ease.

If I am buying an old laptop, are there chances of viruses or data from the previous owner?

Probably, yes. Since most of the users do not format their laptops before handling them out to others, there are major chances on having viruses and data from previous owners on it. To ensure a safe and uninterrupted computing experience, always format the device, install your desired applications, and then install a smart antivirus product.

What all should I consider while buying laptop online?

Brand, configuration, accessories, price comparison, delivery timeline and after sales service & customer support are some of the crucial factors that you must consider before placing an order for a laptop. You can also browse to their product reviews section to read the consumer reviews and delivery details of the company.

How can I speed up the battery charging?

The best way to speed up battery charging is by simply turning off the device and then plugging in the charger. Usually, it takes around 2 hours to completely charge the device from 0 to 100%. Charging your device by keeping it powered on may take longer to complete the charging process from 0 to 100%.

What is Intel’s Dual Core Technology?

Intel’s Dual Core Technology executes two cores in a single processor to ensure that complete multiple tasks with great ease. The cores run multi-tasking applications simultaneously to help users complete their desired tasks at a faster pace.