Juicer Mixer Grinder Price List in India

Juicer Mixer Grinder Price List

Latest Juicer Mixer GrindersPrice
First Choice MGJ-WFJ16-3 600 W Mixer GrinderRs. 2,200
First Choice Jar Type 486 1000 W Juicer Mixer GrinderRs. 2,700
First Choice Jar Type 487 1000 W Juicer Mixer GrinderRs. 2,700
First Choice Jar Type 488 1000 W Juicer Mixer GrinderRs. 2,700
First Choice Jar Type 491 1000 W Juicer Mixer GrinderRs. 2,700
First Choice Jar Type 496 1000 W Juicer Mixer GrinderRs. 2,700
First Choice Jar Type 547 750 W Juicer Mixer GrinderRs. 2,500
Speedway Jar Type 255 1000 W Juicer Mixer GrinderRs. 2,600
Speedway Jar Type 642 600 W Juicer Mixer GrinderRs. 2,300
Speedway Jar Type 643 750 W Juicer Mixer GrinderRs. 2,500

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In India it would be nearly impossible to find a kitchen that doesn’t have a mixer or grinder. Since the Indian food is all about using different kinds of ‘masala’ and ‘spices’ mixers and grinders are used extensively to grind all the ingredients together and prepare fresh, homemade masala to be used for the cooking food. No matter, whether it is non-vegetarian cuisine or a vegetarian, Indian food is known for its aromatic masala.

Long gone are days when Indian moms used 3 different machines for grinding small amount of ingredients, a grinder for mixing large quantity of ingredients and making dough and a separate device for making juices. Not to mention, there was a lot of hassle with regards to changing the jars and the blades for different purposes. Also, cleaning these devices after use was a tedious task. The modern day, Juicer, Mixer & Grinder is a device that combines the traditional mixer, grinder and juicer into one; it serves the purpose of all these devices. The versatility of the Juicer, Mixer and Grinders makes it a must have device for all moms.

Besides, traditionally by having three devices it occupied a lot of space in the kitchen. In the modern day kitchen designer where everything is about shrinking, making it compact and maximum utilization of the limited space, this device seamlessly fits into the modern day kitchen concept. For the modern day young generation of health conscious people this device is of great help as it allows them to get their daily dose of healthy and fresh juice and smoothies. Even in the commercial kitchen where cooking for a large number of people is a daily norm the juicer, mixer and grinder makes cook easy and quick.

Although a lot of people wish to buy a juicer, mixer and grinder for their home, not many people are actually aware about the features to consider. For all newbie users, it is important they look for the following features:

Size of the mixer – there are different sizes of mixers available in the market, the trick to choose the right size is to consider the size of the family. For people with a family of four or less, a small mixer would be sufficient and for a larger family a bigger machine will best suit their needs.

Different Jars - The jars are essentially the vessels that hold the various ingredients. Depending on the type of ingredient and the amount of raw materials one wants to grind, whip, blend or mix one would need to use a particular type of jar. While buying a mixer it is important it is important to buy a machine that comes with different size of jars.

Cost – The cost of juicer, mixer & grinder greatly varies depending on the size, brand and the type of material the device is made of. While buying the machine it is important they buyers consider their needs and budget.

The major brands in India are Maharaja, Philips, Kenstar, Bajaj, and Crompton Greaves. There is several other lesser known brand too but it is best advised to stick to the reputed ones. Also, it is important that the first time buyers compare the different models at the ultimate comparing site. The site lets users shop smartly and save money.