Usha Iron Price List

Usha Iron Price List In India

Latest Usha Iron ModelsPrice
Usha EI 2801 Dry IronRs. 549
Usha Rico SI-03 Steam IronRs. 999
Usha EI 2417 Steam IronRs. 1,700
Usha Techne Xpress 1700 Steam IronRs. 2,255
Usha EI 3602 Dry IronRs. 599
Usha SI 3515 1500 W Steam IronRs. 1,140
Usha Pro SI 3417 Steam IronRs. 1,495
Usha EI 2802 Dry IronRs. 360
Usha EI 3302 Gold Dry IronRs. 629
Usha EI2602 LT electric IronRs. 600
Usha Iron Prices 2018

You cannot neglect the situations that demand the presence of iron at home. On this page, you will find all the popular models of Usha Irons on a single screen. Not only that, but you can also find the best prices of each of these models on the leading e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon among others.

Finding the Best Iron

Iron may seem to be a very simple home appliance, but when it comes to buying one, many things could confuse you. And if you are not aware of what to look for, there are high chances you may end up with one that does not suit your purpose. Moreover, the availability of thousands of models and brands makes the buying decision even more challenging. Since the iron has a lot of variants available online, therefore, you must pay particular attention to some of the adequate specifications.

Compare Specifications

You must select an iron as per your requirement. You can compare the types of the iron, whether it is a steam iron or a dry one. Apart from that, you can also compare the amount of power the particular model consumes. Make sure you also pay attention to the type of soleplate the iron has and whether it is suitable to for the type of fabric to be ironed. In the end, choose the one, which suits your needs.

Compare Prices

Undoubtedly, the market of iron boosts unlimited competition. So, before approving a particular model, you must compare its prices. There is no dearth of the e-commerce websites; hence, it is possible that the same model is available at different prices. So, make a purchase only after finding the best deal for the model you have chosen.

Why Usha Irons?

Usha is one of the oldest and the leading brands, serving its customers with its home appliances since 1934. There would hardly be any person left out who is not aware of the quality that Usha has to provide. Hence, while purchasing Usha iron, you can blindly be sure about the quality of the iron that you are going to invest in.

Compare Usha Irons on CompareRaja

Usually, because of the lack of time, you might find it difficult to compare the prices of various irons. And hence, you end up purchasing the first model that fits your need. But, on CompareRaja, you wouldn’t have to invest a lot of time and yet, you will be easily able to compare the prices and specifications of the Usha Irons to make your choice wiser.