Philips Iron Price List

Philips Iron Price List In India

Latest Philips Iron ModelsPrice
Philips Gc 3811 Steam IronRs. 4,650
Philips JE 83 Dry IronRs. 655
Philips gc 83 je Dry IronRs. 670
Philips HI114 1000 Watt Dry IronRs. 849
Philips GC157 Dry IronRs. 1,095
Philips GC101 02 750 Watt Dry IronRs. 600
Philips GC135 1100 Watt Dry IronRs. 935
Philips GC104 Dry IronRs. 851
Philips HI108 Dry IronRs. 720
Philips GC 181 Dry IronRs. 1,190
Phillips Iron Prices 2017
Here you will find all the Philips Iron models. You can make your choice by looking and comparing various models and also looking at the best prices of each of these models available on the leading e-commerce sites like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc.

Finding the Best Iron
While iron may look simple on the outside, there are many complex features that you need to look into. From the wattage to the steam function, there are quite a few things. Thus if you are not sure of what you want in your iron, you may pick the wrong one that does not suit your purpose.

Moreover, with thousands of models and more than dozens of brands, making a choice can become even more challenging. Thus, it is important to compare the features properly and look for the best offer before making the purchase.

How to Compare Irons
There are various things you need to consider before making a purchase when it comes to iron. The first thing you need to determine is whether you want a dry iron or a steam iron. If it is a steam iron, you need to look at the capacity of the tank and if it is suitable for your use. Next important thing to compare is the power consumption. From the light 600W to the heavy duty 2400W irons, there is a huge variety out there. Lastly, look at the weight of the iron. While the heavy ones are sturdy, lighter ones make it easier to carry them around.

Iron Price Comparison
Purchasing the most expensive iron will not assure you its durability or sturdiness in any way. The fact that the different e-commerce websites have different prices will give you an opportunity to compare and then buy the best one.

Why Phillips Iron?
Philips, a Dutch-based electrical company, is more than 100 years old and offers some of the most well-built kitchen and home appliances. Known for their simple designs, Philips irons are high on functionality and low on maintenance. They are built to last long. When it comes to electrical appliances, Philips is one brand you can trust blindly. Moreover, if you are looking for heavy duty irons, not many brands provide high-quality irons like Philips.

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