Iron Price List in India

Iron Price List

Latest IronsPrice
Baltra Duro BTI-124 Dry IronRs. 850
Snowbird BMW Platina Dry IronRs. 499
Snowbird Victory Dry IronRs. 499
Voltguard Lancer 750 W Dry IronRs. 449
Orient Fabrimate 1000 W Dry IronRs. 750
Khaitan Regular 1000 W Dry IronRs. 489
Inalsa Omni 1000 W Dry IronRs. 420
Eveready DI100 750 W Dry IronRs. 448
Inalsa Orra 1200 W Steam IronRs. 606
Preethi Candy DI 508 1000 W Dry IronRs. 630

List of Iron Brands

Elvin Irons| Maharaja Whiteline Irons| Singer Irons| Crompton Greaves Irons| Sheffield Irons| Insta Irons| Kenstar Irons| Frito Irons| Orpat Irons| Morphy Richards Irons| Speed Waves Irons| Baltra Irons| Activa Irons| Indo Irons| Blue Tech Irons| Pankul Irons| cello Irons| Khaitan Irons| Natraj Irons| Surya Irons| Orient Irons| Prestige Irons| Happy Home Irons| United Irons| Kelvinator Irons| Sahi Irons| Skyline Irons| Flatron Irons| Boss Irons| Rally Irons|View All

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For people who prefer ironing clothes at home, it is important to have a good iron at home. Ironing the clothes not only helps in smoothing the fold marks of the clothes but also helps in keeping the fabric in top condition. Not to mention, it gives the users a polished look. Long gone are the days, when people used those heavy and bulky looking iron machines that had hot coals inside the box with a flat bottom. Today, as everything gone electronic, the electric irons have become a common household device. The modern day iron machines are not only sleek but also they come in a variety of attractive colours and are extremely light weight. Currently, the market trends suggest that the steam irons are in great demand.

A steam iron opens a fabric’s weave very easily so the creases can be ironed out very easily. More steam in the iron means quicker ironing and easier ironing. With most steam irons that are available in the market today, users are able to control the steam output. Due to this feature, the steam iron can be used on almost all fabrics without damaging the fabric. Some of the other features that make steam irons a favorite among many buyers are vertical steam, variable steam, burst of steam, and continuous steam output.

All clothes irons have soleplates. These plates are the ones that get into direct contact with the fabric. The main function of the soleplates is to conduct heat and to reduce the friction between the iron and the fabric. There are three basic materials used for the manufacture of the soleplates—aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic. Aluminium is generally found in entry level irons and is mostly found in the cheaper iron models. The stainless steel soleplates glide very well over clothes, but they may sometimes scratch over buttons and zippers. Ceramic is always preferred over stainless steel because it is non-sticky and hard-wearing.

When buying an iron for domestic purposes, it is important to consider the power capacity, the weight, the quality of the cord, the length of the cord, and the safety measures. All of these key aspects need to be considered before opting for the best iron.

Some of the most popular brands in irons are Panasonic, Bajaj, Philips, LG, Singer, Maytag, Silverstar, Goldstar, etc. By buying branded products, users can be assured of the quality and warranty. Most reputed brands have their repair and service centres that will cater to the repair needs of customers. After the first two years of usage, there are some wear and tear issues that would creep up. Replacement of the cord is one thing that needs to be done very proactively after every 2-3 years.

People who are looking to buy an iron for their home must visit to compare the different kinds of irons available in the market. This website gives users a comprehensive view of the different features and prices of the different models in the market. A good understanding of the iron and its components will help users in taking the right decision of buying a good iron.