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While travelling, one of the key factors is to keep yourself and your belongings safe. This is why you need a comprehensive travel insurance policy. CompareRaja makes the decision of choosing the right policy easier and more accurate by letting you compare different travel insurance policies from different companies; all on this website without having to visit all travel insurance sites individually. Not just compare, it also empowers you to make a more informed decision by providing detailed information about all the policies offered by companies.

What is a Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance covers the risk associated with travel. Be it baggage loss or hospitalisation during travel, it is all covered if you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy. Just like any other policy, this too comes in various types and forms.

Types of Travel Insurance

There is a wide variety of travel insurance plans to choose from. Different type of policy covers different aspects or needs of a traveller. Here are the popular types:

Domestic Travel Insurance Plan - This policy covers policyholders for any medical expenses, hospitalisation, baggage loss/theft/delay, and loss due to flight delays/cancellations, accident causing disability or death for travel within the country only.

International Travel Insurance Plan - This plan is only valid if you are travelling outside India. Just like the domestic plan, this too protects the policyholders against losses that may be incurred during travel. However, this also includes covering for losses due to hijack, repatriation or evacuation of the policyholder and covers losses of passport and other important travel documents. There are some specific International travel plans that customers can opt for under this category. Here they are:

  • Single Trip Plans: This is for trips to a single destination with a fixed duration. The sum insured and the premium depends on the duration of stay, the destination you choose, and finally, the insurance company you select.

  • Multi-Trip Plans: This plan is usually opted by frequent travellers making multiple trips to various international destinations in a year. This evades the need of taking single-trip plans every time going out of the country. This policy is usually valid for a year. Premium would again depend on the number of travel days insured, and company chosen.

  • Travel Insurance Plans for Schengen Countries: Schengen countries comprises of 26 European countries that have abolished the need for a passport or any other documents for their citizens travelling within these countries. Moreover, for international passengers, they have made it mandatory for them to hold a Schengen visa and a special travel insurance policy for entering these countries.

  • Customised Plans: Apart from the regular plans, you can also customise plans depending on a few factors. For instance, you can avail a group travel plans and get great benefits if more than 20 people are travelling in a group. Similarly, some companies also give special travel insurance plans for travel to Asian countries.

Corporate Plans - Companies sending their employees on-site or for official work can protect their employees by taking corporate plans. Just like regular travel insurance plans, these too can be further sub-divided on the basis of duration of stay, destinations, and factors that are insured.

Travel Insurance Plans for Students - This is for students going to international locations for higher studies. Unlike a regular plan which may last for up to one year or less, this plan lasts for the duration of the course undertaken by the student. Apart from the usual medical expenses and other factors, all the other aspects too are covered under this policy that is related to the student living abroad.

Floater Policies for Families - This is a regular policy, the only difference being that not only the insured but the insured’s immediate family is also equally covered during travel. This is good for families travelling together, as they can save money by taking one comprehensive policy rather than making individual policy for each family member.

Travel Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens - To make travel safer and convenient for senior citizens, this type of policy aims to cover all the risks associated with senior citizens travel. While most regular policies do not cover medical expenses for a pre-existing medical condition, this one does. This is usually valid for travellers between the age of 61 and 80.

Why do you Need Travel Insurance?

Travelling is fun; travelling is important, and travelling for some is inevitable and unavoidable. The moment you venture out of your house, there are a lot of risks that you are exposed to. While you can only do so much to avert these risks, you are still in an uncertain world; more so when you leave the safe confines of your home to explore the world. While you cannot control this, you can certainly cover yourself against these risks by paying a nominal amount.

What is covered and what is not?

The coverage depends on the kind of policy you choose along with the destination chosen, and company selected. Thus, you need to carefully examine what is covered and what is not before you opt for a policy. However, there are certain standard coverage and certain things that are excluded from the policy.

What is covered?

  • Loss/Delay of Baggage during transit

  • Hospitalisation expenses during travel

  • Losses caused due to delays/cancellations of flights

  • Loss of travel documents and passport (For international travel only)

  • Accidents causing death or permanent disability

What is excluded?

  • Baggage delays less than 24 hours

  • Hospitalisation due to pre-existing medical condition

  • Expenses due to self-inflicted injury or suicide or non-adherence to medical advice

  • Expenses incurred in Ayurvedic, Spa, and Homeopathic treatments

Key Features of Travel Insurance

There are certain key features that you should look for when buying travel insurance policy;

  • The travel insurance policy should cover the entire duration of your travel

  • It should include expenses related to trip delays or flight delays/cancellations

  • It should offer you emergency cash advance in the country of your stay on the occasion of theft/robbery of cash

  • It should offer cashless hospitalisation facility in the country you are visiting

Eligibility Criteria

There are certain factors when it comes to meeting the eligibility criteria for taking travel insurance policy;

  • Age: Age is a major factor when it comes to taking travel insurance policy. It depends on the policy you choose.

  • Student Policy:Only students between the age of 16 to 40 years old can take this policy.

  • Senior Citizen Policy:This is for people between 61 years to 80 years. However, some companies have exclusive plans for people older than that too but after going through medical check as advised by the company.

  • Schengen Travel Insurance:This is valid for infants more than 90 days and adults less than 70 years.

  • Family Floater Policy:This policy covers a maximum of two adults not more than 60 years old, and two kids not more than 21 years old.

  • Other Policies: Age limit is usually 60, but it may vary a bit depending on the customization you opt for.

  • Medical Condition: While usually you are not supposed to go through a medical checkup till the age of 80, you are not covered for pre-existing medical condition unless your policy specifies so.

  • Citizenship: Most policies require you to be the citizen of the country you are taking the policy from.

  • Documentation: You should produce all the necessary required documents to the insurance company as set by them for taking the insurance policy successfully.

How Can CompareRaja Help You?

If you are looking to buy or even research about travel insurance policies online, CompareRaja is the perfect platform to begin your research. It brings all the insurance policies from 20 insurers on one page to help you take an informed decision. CompareRaja helps you compare all the insurance policies and make the right choice. In fact, it takes it a step further to give you seamless experience by enabling you to get insurance quotes and also hassle free processing and quick approvals.