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There is no denying the fact that accidents are a part of life. However, there comes such a situation that not only leaves you shattered mentally, but affects your physicality to a great extent as well. And, such unforeseen and undesirable circumstances raise the importance of possessing a personal accident insurance policy beforehand. When it comes to having an effortless selection procedure, CompareRaja helps you with all the prominent policies displaying on the single website. In this way, CompareRaja diminishes the need of visiting different policy companies just to grab a precise and adequate plan. You can make the comparison and can also have a thorough reading of the detailed information of different policies, all at the single place.

What is a Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal Accident Insurance is a policy that offers a special coverage against the accidents occurred naturally. At the time of travelling or working, if the policyholder meets with an accident that results in loss of life, disability, loss of limbs, etc. then the policyholder will be given a certain amount as compensation.

Types of Personal Accident Insurance

You can search through different types of Personal Accident Insurance. These various policies will cater to different needs and requirements; hence, you can choose accordingly.

  • Individual Accident Insurance - This policy is created to cover the intentional, or unintentional tragedies happened with an individual. The impairments, demise, short-term wounds, and lifelong disability are covered in this policy.

  • Group Accident Insurance - This type of policy covers a whole group. This policy is usually preferred by employers so as to provide protection to their employees. You can also avail the discounts on premium by the size of your group. This plan covers significant losses, such as demise, disability, or impairment

Why you need Personal Accident Insurance?

When accidents happen, the damage, whether small or big, becomes difficult to neglect. Whether you are coming from or going to work, or whether it is about the harm caused by the inadequate infrastructure and sharp tools and machines at work, your regular insurance policy may not cover these aspects. By owning a Personal Accident Insurance policy, you can be sure that all the medical and economical expenses caused due to the accident will be taken care of.

Key Features to look out for when buying Personal Accident Insurance

While selecting the Personal Accident Insurance plan, there are some of the features that you must pay special attention to, such as :

  • Tenure of the policy

  • Amount of Premium

  • Total amount at the time of policy expiry

  • Total amount offered at the time of accidents

  • Exclusions and Inclusions

  • Benefits

What is covered in Personal Accident Insurance Policy?

Usually, there are few of the inclusions that a policy supports. However, it may vary from policy to policy and company to company. Hence, you would have to examine the documents carefully so as to become familiar with the inclusions. Some of the things that this policy covers are :

  • Accidental Death

  • Permanent or Temporary Disability

  • Dismemberment

  • Burns

  • Hospitalization Expenses

  • Hospitalisation daily allowance

  • Educational help of the children

  • Costs of transportation of mortal remains

What is excluded from Personal Accident Insurance Policy?

  • Intentional injury

  • Injury occurred due to foreign or civil wars

  • Injuries occurred due to influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Accident occurred while riding a two-wheeler above 150cc


  • Injuries occurred due to violent public disorder

  • Injury occurred due to on-duty military/paramilitary/police force actions

  • Injuries because of unsecured sports

  • Claim because of past illness

How to File Personal Accident Insurance Claim?

To file your claim, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Notify the Insurer about the Accident

    The moment you meet with an accident, the first thing that you should do is notify the insurer-provider about the mishap. You would have to pass on the policy number and the reference number so that the insurer can register a claim.

  • Notify the Insurer about the Hospitalisation

    Once you have been hospitalised, you must call the insurer and pass on the details behind the accident. Also, you would have to keep the documents organised, such as diagnosis, treatment, and bills. It will help at the time of claiming process.

  • Fill the Claim Form

    A representative from the insurer company will either arrive at the hospital or the given address for the verification and the document collection purpose. You would also have to fill up the given form.

  • Submit Police Report

    If the accident has happened because of the traffic or the infrastructure collapse, then the insurer may look out for the FIR filed at the local police station. This is one necessary document at the time of criminal case of the traffic accident.

How can CompareRaja help you?

CompareRaja is the ultimate destination that allows you to compare the different Accident Insurance policies offered by the leading insurance companies. For enhancing your final decision, CompareRaja helps you with the detailed information of every single available policy. With CompareRaja, you get a hassle-free selection process, and it helps you in making a worthy decision.