Hard Disk Price List in India

Hard Disk Price List

Latest Hard DisksPrice
PNY Elite 480 GB Portable Solid State DriveRs. 22,440
SanDisk 512 GB Hard DiskRs. 20,937
PNY Optima 128GB Solid State DriveRs. 4,747
Seagate Backup Plus Slim 5 TB Portable External Hard DriveRs. 15,990
WD AV GP 250 GB Internal Hard DriveRs. 1,248
Seagate 2 TB Laptop Hard Disk DriveRs. 7,789
Seagate Barracuda 3 TB Hard DiskRs. 5,150
Adata Technology Ultimate SU800 256 GB Solid State DriveRs. 6,659
LaCie Porsche Design 2TB External Hard DriveRs. 7,893
WD Blue 250GB Internal Solid State DriveRs. 6,599

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Hard Disks, also known as hard drive is one of the major components of a computer. It stores all the essential data as well as the entire operating system. Hard Drives make a perfect alternative for other storage devices such as CDs, tape drives and floppy disks. Unlike hard drives that were available a decade ago, the present day drives are much smaller and can comparatively save a larger amount of data.

Hard disks with less storage capacity are most likely to run out of space. Calling up a technician to install in a new hard drive is not always possible. This is when an external hard disk falls handy. Being portable, these can be carried along. Moreover, these hard drives come bundled with a software application that automatically backs up the data while it is connected to a computer or laptop.

The price of a hard drive can range anywhere between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 9000 depending on its storage capacity. One TB of space should be sufficient enough for a home user. However, for those regularly working on large sized files might want to opt for a 3 TB hard drive or even more. Like the internal hard drives, the portable ones too allow partition creation for efficient management of data. This feature comes in handy when there are multiple types of files available.

Western Digital and Seagate are the 2 major manufacturers known to offer the finest quality external and portable hard drives. Sony, Transcend, Buffalo, Adata, Clickfree, Samsung and Toshiba are few other brands worth checking out when looking for a hard drive.

It is highly recommended to choose a hard disk which is USB 3 compatible, as it has a greater data transfer speed as compared to the ones with a USB 2 interface. Price turns out to be another deciding factor when it comes to selecting a hard drive. Making things easy is that brings together the best deals on hard disk from all the top brands.

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