Hair Straightener Price List in India

Hair Straightener Price List

Latest Hair StraightenersPrice
Blushia 522 Hair StraightenerRs. 259
Blushia 685 Hair StraightenerRs. 399
Blushia 7210 Hair StraightenerRs. 999
Blushia 906 Hair Straightener BrushRs. 649
Blushia 9209 Hair StraightenerRs. 899
Blushia KM-327 Hair StraightenerRs. 449
Blushia KM-328 Hair StraightenerRs. 449
Everny ESSHS03 Hair StraightenerRs. 499
HairCare 817 Hair StraightenerRs. 428
Shrih SH-03874 Hair Straightener BrushRs. 5,999

List of Hair Straightener Brands

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Today, it would be hard to find a woman who doesn’t use hair straighteners at home. The modern day fashion conscious women like to keep with the latest trends in fashion and get the latest hairdo to keep up with the trend. Recently, having a straight hair with neat and consistent pleats became a fad among the women. A large number of people blindly followed the trend and turned to use hair straightening device get that perfect straight hair.

Several women are blessed with naturally straight hair but for those who find it difficult to get straight hair, this hair care tool comes in handy. Hair straighteners are mostly used by the young women, especially the college girls and the working professionals who love to experiment with their hair style and get a neat and stylish looks.

Just as all other types of fashion and personal care accessories, hair straighteners too come in a variety of types and have different mechanism and plating. Also, different tools have different purposes.

Chrome plating – this is the most common type of hair straightener used by a large number of women. This device is best suited for women who like to straighten their hair occasionally. The heat generated from the device can harm the hair if it is used daily. People who have dry hair or have undergone treatment on the scalp must strictly avoid using this.

Gold Plating – this hair striaghtener is great for daily use. It doesn’t harm the hair nor does it affect the natural glow. This is a great tool for women whose hair gets frizzy, it helps in eliminating the frills and curls and leaves well straightened hair behind. This type of hair straightener is costlier than the chrome plated one.

Ceramic Plating – This hair straightener is suited for all and is most suggested type by even the professional hair stylists. It has earned the reputation of being the best hair care tool that provides best results. This is the costliest type of hair straightener but it is a worthy tool to invest in as it provides great results to all users. Besides, since it suited for women with sensitive hair it is a must have hair styling too for all women.

Titanium plated – the titanium plated models are a great tool to get a smooth and silky hair. The natural ions from the tool help in reducing the frizz and retain the natural luster of the hair. Besides, by using this tool women can get any hairstyle they want.

Some of the popular hair straightener brands in India are – Philips, Sony, Babyliss, Panasonic, Remington, GHD and Nova. Besides, these well known brands there are plenty of Chinese models available in the market although these models come at a cheap price they are not durable. Since hair straighteners would be used regularly, it is important for all women to consider certain important features such as weight, suitability to hair type, heating type, plating type, usage and lastly the price.

People who want to buy hair straightener online can check the to compare the different models in terms of features and price and buy the best one to suit their need.