Hair Dryer Price List in India

Hair Dryer Price List

Latest Hair DryersPrice
HairCare HD-12-139 Hair DryerRs. 399
HairCare HD-12-132 Hair DryerRs. 399
Shrih SH-04176 Hair DryerRs. 4,049
HairCare HD-12-006 Hair DryerRs. 399
HairCare HD-12-007 Hair DryerRs. 399
HairCare HD-12-012 Hair DryerRs. 399
HairCare HD-12-105 Hair DryerRs. 399
HairCare HD-12-110 Hair DryerRs. 399
HairCare HD-12-121 Hair DryerRs. 399
HairCare HD-12-122 Hair DryerRs. 399

List of Hair Dryer Brands

HairCare Hair Dryers| Ppnova Hair Dryers| Andis Hair Dryers| Revlon Hair Dryers| Hot Tools Hair Dryers| Ozomax Hair Dryers| Mesmerize Hair Dryers| Guo Wei Hair Dryers| Asbah Hair Dryers| Ikonic Hair Dryers| Turbo-Power Hair Dryers| T3 Hair Dryers| Cricket Hair Dryers| Brite Hair Dryers| Gemei Hair Dryers| ETI Italy Hair Dryers| Vofus & Glivet Hair Dryers| Gold N Hot Hair Dryers| Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryers| GeorgiaUSA Hair Dryers| Kiss Hair Dryers| Parlux Hair Dryers| REDMOND Hair Dryers| Valera Hair Dryers| Agaro Hair Dryers| Berina Hair Dryers| Clarol Hair Dryers| Jerdon Hair Dryers| V&G Hair Dryers| BLM Hair Dryers|View All

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A hair dryer is an important hair care accessory that is used by everyone to blow dry their hair after a bath. The hot air coming from the device helps in drying the hair in real quick time. The hair dryer are not just used for drying hair but they can also be used for creating different hair styles and even for straightening the hair. Until a decade ago, buying hair care accessories like hair dryers and hair straighteners was not a priority for the consumers, today, however, the scenario has changed completely. In the recent years, there has been a huge upsurge in the number of people buying hair dryers and other hair styling devices. To prove the point in numbers, market research suggest that almost 27% of the women worldwide use a hair dryer every morning. Research also claims that over the past few years, nearly 4.9 million men are using hair dryers and hair straighteners.

Just as any other electronic device with the technological advancement, the modern day hair dryers are highly advanced. The basic models of hair dryers have given away to newer models that not only feature a beautiful design but also have a strong grip and packs-in a powerful performance every time the users use the device. Some of the most popular types of hair dryers available in the market are – ceramic, tourmaline, ionic and nano titanium.

The ceramic hair dryers are a preferred choice for many men and women because it only works effectively in blowing the hair dry in quick time but also it causes minimal hair damage. One of the highlights of this device is that it blows out hot air gently and evenly across the hair and thereby eliminates the risk of damaging hair follicles.

Tourmaline hair dryers are more or less similar to the ceramic dryers but when both the technology are blended together it results in increase emission of infrared rays and negative ions. This in turn helps in providing extra luster to the hair.

Considered to be the most advanced type of hair dryers, the nano titanium hair dryers are endowed with properties like heat resistance, durability and lightweight strength. Mostly, the hair styling professionals use nano titanium dryers as it keeps the hair in top condition and helps smooth styling. Some of the most popular hair dryer brands in India are – Philips, Morphy Richards, Panasonic, Babyliss, Agaro, Barun, Remington, Inalsa, Vega and Corioliss.

While buying hair dryers it is important that users consider their hair type, styling needs, budget features of the device and last but not the least reviews of the product to make an informed and wise buying decision.

There are a plethora of models available in the market from different brands. First times buyers usually get overwhelmed, which model to buy. This is where Compareraja comes to buyers help, the website lists down features and price list of different models available in the market so that buyers can easily compare and choose a device that best suits their needs.