Glucometer Price List in India

Glucometer Price List

Latest GlucometersPrice
Accu-Chek Safe-T Pro GlucometerRs. 1,999
Sd Codfree C1 Plus GlucometerRs. 780
Sbm plus GS0541 Gluco Spark GlucometerRs. 889
Oncall oncallstrips200 GlucometerRs. 2,199
Acon Biotech OCP50S G113 214 GlucometerRs. 1,035
Alere G1 with 25 Strips GlucometerRs. 1,189
AccuSure Glucose Monitor with 35 Strips GlucometerRs. 1,544
U M S Glucometer With Free 25 Strips GlucometerRs. 630
U.M.S uniSugar GlucometerRs. 630
Hemodiaz Clever Gluco Check GlucometerRs. 623

List of Glucometer Brands

Caresens II Glucometers| U.M.S Glucometers| Mylife Glucometers| On Call Plus Glucometers| Johnson and Johnson Glucometers| Operon Glucometers| Sd Glucometers| Arkray Glucometers| Truworth Glucometers| Ypsomed Glucometers| Infopia Glucometers| Beurer Glucometers| DiabaScan Glucometers| Accu Sure Glucometers| Acon Glucometers| Alere Glucometers| One Touch Glucometers| Ozocheck Glucometers| Romsons Glucometers| B.Braun Glucometers|View All

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The tremendous advances in medical technology have been a boon for those suffering from chronic diseases. Be it a cholesterol problem, a CHD, or diabetes, those bothered by it need every day ways to effectively measure and keep a check on their health. Sensing the need to measure blood glucose levels for those with diabetes or hypoglycaemia, more and more medical brands have come up with Glucometers.

Various features

A Glucometer is designed to maximise ease of use. It includes a lancet that makes a miniscule hole at the tip of your finger to make it bleed. This blood is then put on to a test strip which is usually coated with chemicals such as glucose oxidase, dehydrogenise, or hexokinase that combines with glucose in blood. The test strip is inserted into the meter which then measures the amount of glucose in the blood. It does so by measuring the amount of electricity that can pass through the blood sample or how much light reflects from it. The glucose level is then displayed on the meter.

New trends

The Glucometers of today sport some very useful additional features. Some wireless Glucometers sync with your computer or an app and display charts showing your glucose level trends. Some others allow the user to input their carbohydrate intake, exercise routine, insulin intake etc. which the Glucometer then takes into account to give a more comprehensive overview of your blood glucose levels.

Popular Brands

When it comes to anything related to health and well being, it is better to get only the best. Brands like Accu-Chek, Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Morepen, Omron, Nipro, Operon, Truworth etc. provide some of the best Glucometers in the market.

Key factors to consider while making a purchase decision

Such medical apparatus can be expensive. So the first thing to consider is the price of the Glucometer and its accompanying test strips. Additionally, you may wish to look at the other features that the Glucometer provides like a history or record of previous readings for comparison purposes. Lastly, and most importantly, you may want to consider the brand of the Glucometer you wish to buy.


A glucometer is one of the most important medical devices that make it essential that you buy just the right one. On, one may compare and contrast all the available Glucometers on all aspects which will help you to find a glucometer that will help anyone with diabetes or hypoglycaemia to measure their blood glucose levels fairly accurately.