Gaming Console Price List in India

  • Sony PS Vita Wi-Fi Price
    Sony PS Vita Wi-Fi
    from Rs. 18,999 (1 stores)
    5 Ratings

    • Console Type: Handheld
    • Weight: 260 grams
    • Bluetooth: Yes
    • Wireless: Yes
  • Mitashi Smarty Midas Price
    Mitashi Smarty Midas
    from Rs. 4,499 (1 stores)
    5 Ratings

    • Console Type: Handheld
    • Bluetooth: Yes
    • Wireless: Yes
    • Memory card Slot: 1

Gaming Console Price List

Latest Gaming ConsolesPrice
Microsoft Xbox One S 1 TBRs. 27,900
Sony PlayStation 4 PS4 Pro 1 TBRs. 35,739
Mitashi Junior NX ConsoleRs. 990
Microsoft Xbox 360 500 GBRs. 22,300
Microsoft Xbox One 1 TBRs. 32,999
Microsoft Xbox One 500 GBRs. 33,500
Sony PlayStation 4 PS4 1 TBRs. 27,899
Microsoft Xbox 360 ERs. 12,750
Mitashi Smarty MidasRs. 4,499
Mitashi Smarty VER 1.0Rs. 1,939

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Technology has enabled entertainment and gaming to take new forms. Gone are the days when kids used to play soccer on a real field. Now all they need to do is plug-in their gaming consoles and start kicking the virtual ball with their gang of friends. Every household with a kid now sees the need for a gaming console to keep the kid occupied and happy.

Various Features

Gaming devices can be consoles that can be attached and detached or handheld devices. The handheld consoles have 3D visuals that can be experienced without the need of any special glasses. The other consoles include joysticks for operating your virtual guns, ships, characters etc.

New Trends

The latest in the gaming console market is technology dubbed as “eighth generation” of video gaming. This includes hardware enhancements, and additional integration of the gaming console with other media. Big brands like Sony and Microsoft have also forayed into 3D gaming. It is also possible to stream video game content between devices too with some gaming consoles! Some consoles come with in-built DVD player too.

Popular Brands

The momentum that the gaming industry has gained has seen the rise of big brands like Sony, Nintendo, Gamecraft, HCl, Microsoft and Mitashi. The other brands that make quality gaming consoles are TVC, Sameo, Lexibook, Game In, General AUX etc.

Tips to consider for buying gaming console

There are a couple of aspects that one needs to consider before buying a gaming console. One must check to see if they have a designated place to keep the gaming console when not in use, for example, an extra shelf near the television set. If not, then the user may want to opt for a smaller, more compact console that can be easily unhooked and kept away until further use. The next thing to consider is the price. Most gaming consoles are priced fairly high and thus it’s advisable to invest wisely. Next, consider the kind of games you’d wish to play on the console. If it requires an additional joystick or paraphernalia, you may want to check for those too when purchasing the console. Lastly, consider the brand and the guarantee or warrantee it offers as such things are prone to mishandling.

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