Glucometer Price List in India

The tremendous advances in medical technology have been a boon for those suffering from chronic diseases. Be it a cholesterol problem, a CHD, or diabetes, those bothered by it need every day ways to effectively measure and keep a check on their health. Sensing the need to measure blood glucose levels for those with diabetes or hypoglycaemia, more and more medical brands have come up with Glucometers. The Glucometers of today sport some very useful additional features. Some wireless Glucometers sync with your computer or an app and display charts showing your glucose level trends. Some others allow the user to input their carbohydrate intake, exercise routine, insulin intake etc. which the Glucometer then takes into account to give a more comprehensive overview of your blood glucose levels. A Glucometer is designed to maximise ease of use.

Accu Chek Glucometer Price List Ace Glucometer Price List Bayer Glucometer Price List Dr. Morepen Glucometer Price List Dr. Gene Glucometer Price List

Glucometer Price in India

Latest GlucometersPrice
One Touch Verio Flex GlucometerRs. 945
Bayer Contour TS GlucometerRs. 1,248
Dr. Gene Accusure GlucometerRs. 599
Arkray Glucocard 01 Mini GlucometerRs. 888
AccuSure Glucose Monitor with 35 Strips GlucometerRs. 979
Dr. Morepen Gluco One BG03 GlucometerRs. 299
Johnson and Johnson Select Simple 50 GlucometerRs. 1,018
Ypsomed My Life Pura X GlucometerRs. 685
ACCU CHEK Performa GlucometerRs. 690
B.Braun Omnitest 3 Set GlucometerRs. 899

List of Glucometer Brands

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