Exercise Bike Price List in India

It is important for everyone to work out regularly in order to maintain a healthy body and remain fit always. However, most people find it difficult to hit the gym or go out for jogging due to lack of time or their hectic work schedule. Also, since most of the plush gyms and club charge a bomb, people cannot afford paying such huge amount. However, for people who are very particular about maintaining their health in top condition can invest in buying an exercise bike at home. This wonderful workout machine is great for losing weight, building muscles and even for improving stamina levels. Unlike the treadmills, where the users only have to run or walk at different speeds, working out on exercise bikes presents far more interesting challenge and makes the workout session more interesting and fun. Besides, exercise bike provides workout to full body and helps in loosening each and every muscle in the body.

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Exercise Bike Price in India

Latest Exercise BikesPrice
Lifeline 102 Exercise Cycle-BikeRs. 4,775
Body Gym Air Bike Stamina with Back SupportRs. 5,800
Lifeline 104 Orbit Exercise BikeRs. 8,048
Kobo Fitness Spin Cycle Exercise BikeRs. 12,999
Kamachi BB-909 Exercise BikeRs. 5,249
Kobo Mini Pedal Upright Stationary Exercise BikeRs. 1,169
Lifeline 103 Air Exercise Cycle-BikeRs. 6,999
Body Gym Bga 1001 Exercise BikeRs. 7,500
Cockatoo OB02 Orbitrac Exercise BikeRs. 9,261
Kamachi 350 Air Exercise BikeRs. 6,880

List of Exercise Bike Brands

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