Kross Bicycle Price List in India

Kross Bicycle Price in India

Latest Kross Bicycle ModelsPrice
Kross 26T K40 Multi-Speed BicycleRs. 7,500
Kross 26T K10 Multi Speed BicycleRs. 7,300
Kross K-40 Without Gears With Double Suspensions 26t BicycleRs. 6,000
Kross Hunter 20 Inch Sngle Speed Recreation CycleRs. 5,899
Kross Spider 24T 7 Speed Mountain CycleRs. 6,200
Kross Bolt 402444 Hybrid BicycleRs. 8,200
Kross K20 24 Inch Single Speed Mountain CycleRs. 6,100
Kross Hunter 6S DS 20 Inch 7 Speed Recreation CycleRs. 6,699
Kross Bolt 26 402020 Mountain CycleRs. 6,900
Kross 26T K30 Multi Speed BicycleRs. 7,300

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