Hi Bird Bicycle Price List in India

Hi Bird Bicycle Price in India

Latest Hi Bird Bicycle ModelsPrice
Hi Bird Dragon 26 Inch 21 Speed Mountain CycleRs. 10,961
Hi-Bird Groove 26T Mountain CycleRs. 11,999
Hi-Bird Supersonic 26 Inch Mountain CycleRs. 9,775
Hi-Bird Cycle Prices 2018

Hi-Bird is the part of Safari Groups of Industries. It is an established brand not just in India but overseas as well. They are known for manufacturing different types of bicycles and its parts, bicycle rickshaws, e-scooters, and e-bikes. Apart from this, this group has also its foot into automotive components manufacturing and food processing. When it comes to bicycles, you can be sure of the quality of this brand’s products because that is the prominent USP that it possesses. Whether you want to buy a cycle for your little kid or yourself, you are sure to get an extensive variety from their end.

On this page, you can explore through different types of bicycles offered by Hi-Bird. Here, you can compare the prices from some of the prominent e-stores, such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Above that, you can even customize your research based on some aspects, like age group, gender, type of the cycle, user ratings, and your budget.

5 Reasons to Buy Hi-Bird Cycle
  • Availability of more than 2000 designs to suit the needs of every age group.
  • It has been rewarded several times for maintaining the standards of high-quality; thus, you can be sure of the product you are getting.
  • All of the components have been certified by Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • The brand is appreciated for innovative ideas and amazing designs.
  • The company believes in offering better than the best to its customers.
Different Types of Hi-Bird Cycles:

Here is the list of various kinds of bicycles provided by this brand that you can go through:
  • Luxury: This category of cycles is for the age group of above 15 years. It is available for both boys and girls. These are road cycles which have been manufactured using a steel frame. There are both front and rear disc brakes available.
  • Fashion: These road cycles have been built especially for people above 15 years of age. The frame is made up of steel, giving it a sturdy look. The stunning wheel spokes make it a head turner wherever you go.
  • MTB/ATB: These types of bicycles can be used by both of kids and adults alike. These are specifically designed for roads. The steel and alloy body makes these cycles robust. They come in both non-gear and gear categories and other features like grip shifters, pedal shifters, Shimano gear systems, and are lightweight.
  • Dual/Center Suspension: These bikes have center suspension offering extra comfort when riding through those bumps and potholes on the road or track. They come in alloy and steel frames and come in both gear and non-gear category.
  • BMX: Under this category, you can select from different types of bicycles available for kids who come from 8 to 11 years of age. These types of bikes contain up to six gears. They have front and rear V brakes as well and are great for off-roading.
  • Kids: Just as the name suggests, you are going to get different types of colorful bicycles in this category. The bikes contain Caliper brakes both at the rear and front end. With a steel frame, these bicycles are also water resistant.
  • Ladies/Girls: To make it easier for women to wear bicycles wearing traditional wear, Hi-Bird brings a vast range of Ladies cycles with slanted front bars. You can get up to 21 speed gears for better performance. They also usually come with chain guards for better protection.
  • Standard Roadsters: When work is what you want to get done, the roadsters from Hi-Bird are one of the best out there. Durable design, robust built and comfortable seats make it a popular choice.
Finding A Precise Hi-Bird Cycle
  • Type: Decide what kind of bicycle you want. If you only want to ride on roads and highways, you can consider buying a road bicycle. However, if you want to ride on rough terrains, then a dual/center suspension cycle would be a right choice for you. MTB and ATBs are great if you want to take on cycling as a passion.
  • Girls: Girls and ladies can go for Ladies cycles from Hi-Bird, especially if you wear traditional clothes like saree while riding.
  • Look Conscious buyers: If you want to turn heads while you ride your bicycle, the luxury and fashion series from Hi-Bird offer a wide range of cycles.
  • Daily Commuting: For daily commuting, the Standard roadsters are a great option. Built to last long, they are low-maintenance, high-performance bikes.
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