Hero Bicycle Price List in India

Hero Bicycle Price in India

Latest Hero Bicycle ModelsPrice
Hero Ranger Dtb Vx 6 Speed Mountain BicycleRs. 6,000
Hero Sprint 26T GLEAM Single Speed Adult CycleRs. 9,899
Hero Disney 24T Hulk SHUL24GYBK02 Road BicycleRs. 6,984
Hero Flash 12T S365BBDFL01 Road BicycleRs. 2,476
Hero Hawk 27T BicycleRs. 4,300
Hero Sprint Ultron 26T 21 Speed BicycleRs. 9,500
Hero DTB 26T BicycleRs. 8,999
Hero Octane Torq 26 T STOQ26WHBK02 Mountain BicycleRs. 12,499
Hero Spunky 26T Single Speed Road CycleRs. 4,374
Hero Urban 26T S365BBDUR01 Mountain BicycleRs. 4,999
Hero Bicycle Prices 2018

Learning to ride a bicycle is a coming of age ritual for all kids in the country. It signals independence and the break away from the constant watch of loving parents. Going on long bicycle rides in the summer holidays is a quintessential part of growing up.
Hero is one company that has remained dominant in the market for decades. Started as a family business by the Munjal brothers in the year 1944, the company has grown into a huge MNC today. Yet, the love for the humble bicycle remains the same.

With periodic new models introduced in the market, it’s difficult to choose the right bicycle for you. CompareRaja comes to your rescue with the help of an easy to use comparison table. You can compare up to four models at the same time. You can also use advanced filters to zero in on your preferred bicycle. So, make sure to check out CompareRaja before you do your bicycle shopping.

Top 5 Reasons why Hero Bicycles still rule the Market
  • Hero occupies 48% of the Indian bicycle market
  • World’s largest manufacturer of bicycles and the leading exporter of bicycles in India
  • Recognised as a Super Brand by a market survey done in the UK
  • An efficient customer care service to help you resolve your complaints and other problems
  • Cycle repair clinics and spare parts showroom all over the country
Different Brands of Cycles from Hero
  • Disney – With popular Disney characters featured on the bikes like the Disney Princess, Mickey and Friends, Spiderman, Cars and other Pixar characters, this range of bicycles are very popular among kids.
  • Miss India – Stylish and with stunning colours, this range of bikes make heads turn. With their elegant curves and soothing colours, it’s highly preferred by young girls.
  • UT – All Terrain bikes that are suited for extreme weather and harsh conditions. These bikes ride well on all types of surfaces.
  • Sprint Pro – With 21-speed transmission and zoom suspension this range of bicycles are super-fast. The sporty Alloy wheels and rigid framework make them durable and sturdy.
  • Sprint – This range of bicycles have a sporty look and do not have any gears. The speed is manual.
  • Lectro Bikes – It’s an electrical pedal cycle that covers a range of 40-50 km per charge. Powered by powerful Lithium batteries, they're an eco-friendly option for urban conveyance.
How to Choose the Right Model for the Right Person

Before you decide on any bicycle, you must consider the following factors – The age of the person who will ride it, the height, weight, gender and the intended usage. Here, you can find the right model based on your usage and the rider type.
  • Kids less than eight years – For kids, who are just learning to ride a bicycle, choose one from the Disney Kids Zone range. All these cycles are fitted with balance wheels that help the kid to learn to balance.
  • Kids in the age group 8 -12 years – Choose from Sprint or Sprint Pro depending on the height of the rider.
  • Teen Girls & Young Women – The Miss India series with its sleek curves and soothing colours and low balance bars are ideal for teen girls and women.
  • Teen Boys – Choose from the Sprint or Sprint Pro series, depending on whether you need manual speed or gear speed control.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts – The Lectro Bikes with powerful Lithium batteries are ideal for the fitness freaks. Meet your fitness goals with the Lectro Bike.
  • Professional Cyclists  - Choose from the UT all terrain bikes to suit your adventure rides out in the wild.
Why Use CompareRaja to help you Pick the Right Model?

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