BSA Bicycle Price List in India

BSA Bicycle Price in India

Latest BSA Bicycle ModelsPrice
BSA Ladybird Breeze 26 Inch BicycleRs. 5,945
BSA Ladybird Dreamz 26 BicycleRs. 4,980
BSA Cybot BicycleRs. 4,800
Bsa Toonz Kids BicycleRs. 4,290
BSA Ladybird Evita 26 Inch Single Speed Recreation CycleRs. 5,800
BSA Tail Spin 14 Inch Single Speed Road CycleRs. 2,859
BSA Ladybird Shine Plus 26T Road BicycleRs. 7,500
BSA Philips Supercat 10 Inch 10 Road CycleRs. 4,890
BSA Agentx 16T Single Speed Road CycleRs. 6,299
BSA CHAMP TOONZ 12 14 Road CycleRs. 3,700
BSA Bicycle Prices 2018

One of the best memories while growing up is learning to ride a bicycle. The moment when you learn the art of balancing on two wheels and riding without falling is etched forever in one's memories. And growing up in India, you would have undoubtedly ridden a BSA bicycle. Established in 1949 as a joint venture by Tube Investments (UK) and the Murugappa group, the company has transitioned from being a small bicycle manufacturer to an industry expert. Today, the company produces over 4 million cycles with three manufacturing plants pan India.

The astonishing variety of bicycles in the market is sure to leave any customer stupefied. With special cycles for the fitness enthusiast to cycles for professional bikers, the choices are aplenty. Finding the best one suited for your needs becomes a Herculean task. With the help of CompareRaja, you can find the best cycles that match to a ‘T’ to your specific requirements.

Why Choose BSA when it comes to cycles?
  • With more than six decades of experience, the company has built the trust of customers for generations.
  • Exclusive bicycle clinics to repair and replace faulty parts in all major cities.
  • Funky designs, cartoon characters, different themes for boys and girls make BSA stand apart from the rest.
  • Bicycles that adhere to international standards.
  • Innovative products that keep up with the latest trends.
Popular Categories of BSA Cycles
  • BSA Champ – Bright colors, funky designs and balance wheels make this suited for kids, who are just learning to ride.
  • BSA Ladybird – Super stylish colors and fun designs that cater to the fancies of every young girl. These cycles give a superior ride with cushioned saddles, step through frames, soft handgrips and smooth glide hubs.
  • BSA Roadsters – Rugged and reliable, this range of bicycles are performance horses. They are tough and can carry heavy loads over long distances.
  • BSA Jr Roadsters – Striking the right balance between function and aesthetics, these cycles are ideal for heavy usage.
Other Brands from BSA
  • Hercules – This brand has a range of products that vary from daily usage cycles to specialised adventure bikes.
  • Montra – Bikes exclusively designed for cyclists, who consider cycling as more than a hobby.
  • Mach City – This range of bikes has a lightweight steel frame that makes riding through crowded city streets a breeze. Low maintenance and durable nylon tyres make it ideal for urban riding.
  • International Bikes – BSA also retails major international brands like Mongoose, Schwinn, Cannondale, GT Bicycles and Bianchi for cycling enthusiasts.
How to Choose the Right Bicycle from BSA
  • Kids – For kids who are just beginning to learn to ride, the BSA Champ with bright colours and balance wheels are the best way to get started.
  • Teenage Girls – The BSA Ladybird is more than a bicycle. It's a personal style statement. With a broad range of colours and comfortable ride, this one's ideal for teen girls.
  • Teenage Boys – Rugged and reliable, extremely durable the Jr. Roadstar cycles are designed to handle the rough usage of teen boys.
  • Daily Usage – Reliable and rugged, low maintenance makes the Roadstar perfect for continuous usage day in and day out.
  • Urban Riding – Mach City, is designed with superior features that make navigation in crowded urban streets easy.
  • Cycling Amateurs – If you’re looking to take up cycling as a hobby, then Montra or Adventure Bikes from Hercules are ideal for you.
  • Professional Cyclists – Choose from the International brands like Cannondale, Montra, Schwinn, GT, Bianchi from BSA.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts – If cycling is your preferred way to remain fit, then choose bicycles from the Track & Trail range or Hercules.
Why Use CompareRaja to help you in your Bicycle Shopping?

CompareRaja helps you choose the right models based on your requirements. It helps you filter your search according to type, gender, age group, and user ratings. To help you further, it also gives you the option of comparing up to four products at a time. You can also find the best price for that particular model on leading e-commerce portals and complete your purchase directly at the retailer’s site.
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