Body Gym Exercise Bike Price List in India

Body Gym Exercise Bike Price in India

Latest Body Gym Exercise Bike ModelsPrice
Body Gym Air Bike Stamina with Back SupportRs. 5,800
Body Gym Bga 1001 Exercise BikeRs. 7,500
Body Gym Bga 2001 Exercise BikeRs. 8,499
Body Gym Axiom II Exercise BikeRs. 14,998
Body Gym Lxb 1350R Exercise BikeRs. 7,400
Body Gym Agos II Exercise BikeRs. 10,498
Body Gym BGC-204 Exercise BikeRs. 6,749
Body Gym Lxb 1850R Exercise BikeRs. 11,499
Body Gym 2850 R Exercise BikeRs. 13,499
Body Gym Bgc 207 Exercise BikeRs. 6,999

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