Body Fat Analyzer Price List in India

Body fat is one of the crucial things that determines the overall health of a person. Today, as more and more people are getting hooked to eating fast food they unknowingly add on to the fat content in their body. For people who are already suffering from problems of obesity and for people to keep a check on their body fat content to avoid being obese, it is important that they use Body Fat Analyzers. This is a device that helps the users to exactly know the fat content in the body. The device gives the users a clear picture of their weight and define how much percentage of their weight is fat. Knowing this figure is crucial as it helps the users to take preventive measures soon before it gets too difficult to reduce the weight. The body fat analyzer uses a unique technique called BIA or Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis that determines the body composition.

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Body Fat Analyzer Price in India

Latest Body Fat AnalyzersPrice
Omron HBF 212 Body Fat AnalyzerRs. 2,709
Omron Karada Scan HBF 701 Body Fat AnalyzerRs. 16,709
Rossmax WA100 Body Fat AnalyzerRs. 2,595
Salter 9106 Body Fat AnalyzerRs. 2,900
Rossmax WF260 Body Fat AnalyzerRs. 2,999
ADE BE 930 Body Fat AnalyzerRs. 3,990
ADE BE 1500 Body Fat AnalyzerRs. 6,000
ADE BE 1501 Body Fat AnalyzerRs. 6,000
A V WorldWays ADE BA 1401 Body Fat AnalyzerRs. 6,400
Omron Karada Scan HBF-375 Body Fat AnalyzerRs. 9,998

List of Body Fat Analyzer Brands

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