Fan Price List in India

Fan Price List

Latest FansPrice
Havells Crescent 250 mm Table FanRs. 2,250
Havells Turboforce 380 mm Exhaust FanRs. 3,842
Havells Vento Jet 10 100 mm Exhaust FanRs. 3,000
Havells Vento Jet 15 150 mm Exhaust FanRs. 5,190
Havells Vento Jet 15 Auto 150 mm Exhaust FanRs. 5,900
Havells Vento Hush 15 150 mm Exhaust FanRs. 2,235
Havells Futuro 1320 mm Ceiling FanRs. 10,510
Havells Artemis 1200 mm Ceiling FanRs. 2,325
Frito Azure 100 mm Exhaust FanRs. 690
Frito Azure 150 mm Exhaust FanRs. 750

List of Fan Brands

V Guard Fans| Amaryllis Fans| Orpat Fans| CATA Fans| Surya Fans| Standard Fans| Sameer Fans| Almonard Fans| Hytec Fans| Turbo Fans| Maxwell Fans| Polar Fans| Marc Fans| Eveready Fans| Modern Fan Fans| Superfan Fans| Frito Fans| United Fans| Activa Fans| Eurolex Fans|View All

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Fans are a basic necessity in all homes. It is that wonder device that provides the much needed relief and comfort from the generally hot temperature in India. It is nearly impossible to live without fans in your home. You may have air conditioners at your home but you cannot keep it on for day in and day out, it would not only increase your monthly power bills significantly but also it may sometimes chill your home too much for your comfort. The fans on the other hand are much more feasible option; it consumes less power units as well as has the capacity to run for long hours.

Best Fans Features

The fans usually have 3-4 blades that rotate at high speeds to felicitate air movement in the surrounding and provide breeze in the room. The fans are powered by a coil or a motor that are built inside the cup that is placed on top of the base to which the wings are attached. Mainly there are two types of fans – the ceiling fans and the table fans or the wall fans. Another important feature of the fans is the regulators, which is essentially the speed controller of the fans; you can change the speed of the fan according to your need. Typically, the regulators have speed controls from 1-5 with one being the slowest setting and five being the fastest.

Latest Fans Features

Over the years, the ceiling fans as well as the table fans have improved a lot in terms of the technology, design and energy efficiency. The new fans are designed in a way that they consume less electricity as well as heat up less even after running continuously for long hours. This has a significant impact on the durability of the coil, the modern fans requires minimal maintenance except for lubrication and cleaning once in a while. Also, these days you would find portable fans that are battery operated.

Leading Brands

Some of the most prominent brands in India offering fans are Bajaj, Ketan, Crompton, Usha, Havells. There are also some other lesser known brands like Sameer, Sunspot amongst others.

What to look for before buying fans?

While buying a fan there are some important features that you need to consider. The first and foremost feature is the type, you need to decide if you want a ceiling fan for your home/room or do you need a small table fan for your office desk. Second the size. This is an important factor as you need to consider the size of the room, typically the larger sized fans due to their large sized wings occupy a lot of space and cover large space and provide breeze to every corner of the room. A small sized fan is ideal for smaller rooms. Lastly, you need to decide the purpose, do you need a fan to cool the room or do you need a high speed fan for chilling a certain machine or do you want an exhaust fan that pulls out the hot air inside the room. The exhaust fans are mainly used in the bathrooms and other places where the air is likely to be hot and foul smelling.

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