Prestige Electric Kettle Price List

Prestige Electric Kettle Price List In India

Latest Prestige Electric Kettle ModelsPrice
Prestige PKOSS 1.2 Litre Electric KettleRs. 717
Prestige PKMSS 1.2 Litre Electric KettleRs. 1,375
Prestige PKOSS 1.8 Litre Electric KettleRs. 839
Prestige PKSS 0.5 Liter Electric KettleRs. 1,150
Prestige PKSF 1.7 Liter Electric KettleRs. 1,500
Prestige PKSF 1.8 Litre Electric KettleRs. 1,549
Prestige PKOSS 1.5 Liter Electric KettleRs. 735
Prestige PKPWRC 1.5 L Electric KettleRs. 1,399
Prestige PKPRWC 1.0 1 Litre Electric KettleRs. 1,345
Prestige PKPPC 1.0 1 Litre Electric KettleRs. 1,295
Prestige Electric Kettles

When it comes to choosing the most reliable brand for home appliances, homemakers opt for nothing other than Prestige. With decades of experience in this sector, the brand has emerged as one of the frontrunners in this sector. From cooktops and kitchen appliances to pressure cookers and cookware, Prestige combines technology and innovation in each of its creation. The company manufactures and stocks a diverse range of electric kettles. Consumers can have these kettles for their homes, offices, and other locations. 

This page will be the best resource for you if you are planning to purchase Prestige Electric Kettles. You can breeze through the available options and choose the product that meets your expectations. Parameters like heating capacity, power indicators, and swivel base play the vital part in the selection process. However, once you know which one to buy, you can also check out their availability and prices in ecommerce sites, to aid in a smart buying decision.

5 Reasons to Buy Prestige Electric Kettles

The following reasons will tell you why investing in Prestige Electric Kettles is a great thing to do:
  1. Huge capacities around 1.2 liters or more.
  2. 360-degree swivel base for smooth operations .
  3. Auto cut-off features for optimum power savings .
  4. Touch-lid locking features .
  5. Easy to use, handle, carry, and maintain .
Checking out the Variants

You must know the variants of the product when it comes to choosing Prestige Electric Kettles. Here are some of the popular and widely-used ones:

A. 1.2 litre kettles - Whenever there’s a short gathering at home, these 1.2 liter kettles can help you serve piping hot tea to quite a few guests. A great option for family gatherings and occasions.

B. Stainless steel 1.7 litres - Prepare tea for your guests or colleagues at the office! Electric Kettles with 1.7 liter capacities are the perfect choices. 

C. Electric kettles with translucent water gauge - Check the water level as you pour it into the kettle. Buy the ones with translucent water gauge and achieve easy and smooth operations. 

D. Kettles with steam vent options - If you work in a contemporary kitchen, electric kettles with steam vent options will prove to be the best partners. Whether it is hot water or instant tea, you can make everything with unmatched ease and efficiency. 

How to buy Prestige Electric Kettles

While buying Prestige Electric Kettles, make sure you have the following aspects in mind: 

1. Power Indicators - While most of the high-quality electric kettles come with power indicators, it is imperative to check its presence. Make sure you look for this particular feature. 

2. The Base - 360-degree swivel-base ensures optimum performance and smooth handling. You should check whether this feature is present or not. 

3. The Capacity - Know the capacity of the chosen model before finalizing the purchase. You can opt for 1.2, 1.5, and 1.7 liter models. 

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