Pigeon Electric Kettle Price List

Pigeon Electric Kettle Price List In India

Latest Pigeon Electric Kettle ModelsPrice
Pigeon 12466 1.5 Litre Electric KettleRs. 820
Pigeon Shiny 1.5 Litre Electric KettleRs. 799
Pigeon Egnite 1 Litre Electric KettleRs. 795
Pigeon EGNITE 1.7 Litre Electric KettleRs. 1,199
Pigeon Kessel 1.2L Multi Purpose KettleRs. 1,140
Pigeon Egnite Multi Purpose-12141 Electric KettleRs. 1,199
Pigeon Egnite EG1000 1 Litre Electric KettleRs. 715
Pigeon Favourite 1 Litre Electric KettleRs. 1,290
Pigeon Egnite EG1200 1.2 Litre Electric KettleRs. 920
Pigeon Electric Kettles 

Stovecraft is a private limited company manufacturing and selling various kinds of kitchen appliances. Pigeon is the flagship brand of the company and offers superior quality, well designed and affordable appliances for the modern kitchen. Pigeon Appliances has business spread in more than 12 countries of the world and has more than 10,000 dealers spread in the country. The numbers are enough to understand the sales that the company has in India. Some prominent household appliances manufactured by Pigeon Appliances include electric kettles, non-stick cookware, chimneys, rice cookers, pressure cookers, and mixers grinders.

Electric kettles manufactured by Pigeon appliances come in many shapes, sizes and designs. On this page, you can compare the different models available and do a complete study on them. In fact, the kettles come in various measurements and prices too. Once you compare the rates on this page, the buying decisions becomes easier for you to execute. 

5 top reasons for buying Pigeon electric kettles 

A. Boils water in just a few minutes
B. Can be used to make other hot beverages
C. Well designed spout to pour out water
D. Available in attractive designs and colours
E. Highly affordable

Varieties of electric kettles available with Pigeon Appliances

Pigeon electric kettles are available in many varieties. Some of the most common ones are as follows:

A. Multi-purpose kettle:
These multipurpose kettles are a handy addition to any kitchen. Apart from boiling water, these kettles can also be used for making tea, coffee, and soups. People, who love hot drinks and beverages, should own one of these kettles.

B. Regular kettle:
Regular kettles are also available from the house of Pigeon Appliances. These kettles are mainly used for boiling water.

Whether it is a general kettle or multi-purpose kettle, the body is generally made of stainless steel. 

Essential tips for purchasing Pigeon electric kettles 

Now that you have made up your mind on buying a Pigeon electric kettle, here are some pointers that will help in picking the right one.
  • Kettles with a spout are recommended: When you are buying a Pigeon electric kettle, buy one which has a spout. Pouring hot water from a kettle with a spout is lot easier that one without. This also reduces spills and burns. 
  • Buy kettles which have markings on the outside: Nowadays, most kettles have markings that measure the water in the kettle. Invest in a kettle which has prominent markings that let you see how much water is left in the kettle. 
  • Check the power consumption: Check the power consumption of the appliance before you settle the bill. Pick a kettle that consumes less energy and can still heat water in a jiffy. You can request for a demo to check this. 
Search for different kinds of Pigeon electric kettles on Compareraja 

If you want to buy Pigeon electric kettles, log on to Compareraja where you can view different models, their features and also their prices. The portal has a number of electric kettles in their inventory. You can find the right kettle that suits your budget, needs and preferences on this easy to navigate portal for home appliances.