Philips Electric Kettle Price List

Philips Electric Kettle Price List In India

Latest Philips Electric Kettle ModelsPrice
Philips HD9344 1 Litre Electric KettleRs. 2,420
Philips HD9645 0.8 Litre Electric KettleRs. 21,500
Philips HD9320 Electric KettleRs. 4,990
Philips HD9316-06 1.7 Litre Electric KettleRs. 3,198
Philips HD-9303 02 1.2 Litre Electric KettleRs. 2,090
Philips HD4608 70 0.8 Litre Electric KettleRs. 1,970
Philips HD4649-00 1.7 Litre Electric KettleRs. 2,794
Philips HD 9306 1.5 Litre Electric KettleRs. 2,451
Philips Electric Kettle

Philips as a brand has been trusted by our parents, grandparents and the next generation that is yet to come. It has always been pioneer in delivering quality consumer centric products. The company is home to several consumer electronic products like television, DVD player, personal care products, mother and child products, household products, lighting, automotive, PC products and accessories, each one catering to unique consumer segment. 

Have you ever wondered about buying a quality product at the comfort of your home? Or have you ever thought about buying a kettle that lets you boil just what you need? Well, the next few lines serve as a guide on how to buy products without thinking much about it. We have brought together the list of features, rating, cost and whatever you think before purchasing the product.

5 Reasons Why to Buy Philips Kettle

Here are some reasons why you cannot afford to miss a kettle brought to you by Philips:-
  1. The body is made from food-grade stainless steel, thus providing peace of mind.
  2. Easy to open and close the kettle.
  3. Low in maintenance.
  4. Comes with 360 degree pirouette base, for easy handling.
  5. Helps to save electricity bills and thus reduce the impact on environment.’
Different Variants

The different variants of Philips Kettle can be categorised as per their capacity level:
  • Philips HD4608 70 0.8 Litre Electric Kettle - Making pasta and noodles was never so easier! With this kettle, you can boil up to 0.8 litre of liquid.
  • Philips HD-9303 02 1.2 Litre electric kettle - Perfect for boiling water, tea and soups! Comes with cordless operating mode to make your life simpler and convenient
  • Philips HD4649-00 1.7 Electric kettle - The body is made of plastic and can boil water up-to 1.7 litre. Comes with corded and cordless operating mode!
  • Philips HD 9306 1.5 litre electrical kettle - This kettle comes with additional feature of dry boil protection and 360 degree swivel base.
  • Philips HD 9316-06-1.7 litre electrical kettle -This kettle is ideal for boiling water, tea and soups. It comes with cordless operating mode and lockable lid.
Buying guide

There are several handy features that a consumer needs to take into consideration before buying an electric kettle like:
  • The total capacity of the kettle
For example, if you want to boil water for tea or coffee, even a 1 litre model is sufficient. However, if you require boiling water for 3-4 friends, a bigger capacity model will be better.
  • Time taken to boil the water
Another factor that you need to consider is how long it takes to boil the water. Most kettles require 3-4 minutes to boil water, if it takes less time, it is better. 

Whether it is able to handle the warm water for prolonged period?

Another important feature is whether the kettle is able to hold the water warm after the boiling is finished. 

Is there any feature for boil dry protection?
This is very important as a safety feature.

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