Morphy Richards Electric Kettle Price List

Morphy Richards Electric Kettle Price List In India

Latest Morphy Richards Electric Kettle ModelsPrice
Morphy Richards 43485 1.7 Litre Electric KettleRs. 4,374
Morphy Richards 43615 1.7 Litre Electric KettleRs. 8,057
Morphy Richards Equip 1.7 Litre Electric KettleRs. 6,747
Morphy Richards Dimensions 1.5 Litre Electric KettleRs. 6,750
Morphy Richards Accents 1.7 Lire Electric KettleRs. 7,830
Morphy Richards Prism 1.5 Litre Electric KettleRs. 7,499
Morphy Richards Brita Electric KettleRs. 13,647
Morphy Richards Redefine 1.5 Litre Electric KettleRs. 14,995
Morphy Richards Insta Cook 1 Litre Electric KettleRs. 2,516
Morphy Richards Tea Maker 1.5 Litre Electric KettleRs. 3,049
Morphy Richards Electric Kettles 

Morphy Richards is a global brand dealing with different kinds of kitchen appliances. Established in 1936, the company has its headquarters at Swinton, near Mexborough, South Yorkshire, England. The company is a pioneer in the field of household appliances and has been in operation for over eight decades. New technology and designs are implemented in the appliances.  Almost five million Morphy Richards products are sold annually all over the world. You will be taken aback by the wide range of household products and appliances that are manufactured and sold by Morphy Richards globally. Some popular appliances of Morphy Richards include electric kettles, toasters, coffee machines, irons, cookware, and baking appliances.

Are you looking for quality electric kettles from the house of Morphy Richards? Look no further! You will find the best models on this page. Research the features of each electric kettle by comparing them and pick the one best suited for your needs. You can then head on to an ecommerce site and make your purchase. 

5 best reasons for buying Morphy Richards electric kettles

A. Extremely stylish home appliances
B. Helps in making tea, coffee or other hot beverages quite quickly
C. Available in different sizes – from below 1 litre to above 1.5 litre
D. Great for people leading extremely busy and hectic lives
E. Quite affordably priced for Indian market

Different kinds of Morphy Richards electric kettles available 

Electric kettles from the house of Morphy Richards are available in wide varieties. Some prominent ones among them include:

A. Traditional kettles: These traditionally styled Morphy Richards kettles with retro styling look impressive and are loaded with several functional modern features. They come in lovely colours and enhance the visual appeal of any kitchen.

B. Jug kettles: Styled in the shape of a jug, these Morphy Richards kettles run on electricity. The designs and colours of the jugs vary from one another and each piece looks exclusive and unique. The water level indicator is visible on the outside, allowing you to keep tabs on how much water is in the jug. 

C. Water filter kettles: Get clean and better filtered water for your hot beverages with these water filter kettles from Morphy Richards. Six cups water can be boiled in these kettles and poured easily through the spouted mouth.

Effective tips for purchasing the best Morphy Richards electric kettles

You can never go wrong with a Morphy Richards. The very name is synonymous with quality and superior craftsmanship. Listed below are a few pointers to bear in mind while buying a kettle.
  • Understand the amount of hot water you will need: The capacities of Morphy Richards electric kettles vary from one another. While there are kettles that can store less than 1 litre of water; there are others that can store more than 1.5 litres of water. Choose the capacity based on your requirements.
  • Design and colour of the kettle: Morphy Richards electric kettles come in many attractive colours and designs. In fact, there are so many models that you will be lost for choice.
  • Budget of the kettle: Shopping for a Morphy Richards is simply hassle-free. You can buy a kettle no matter what your budget may be. You will find simple to sophisticated kettles in all price ranges. Compare the features and pick a kettle that falls under your budget.
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