Electric Cooker Price List in India

  • Kenstar Oxy Fryer Price
    Kenstar Oxy Fryer
    from Rs. 5,856 (2 stores)
    1590 Ratings

    • Type: Air Fryer
    • Functions: Cooking
    • Capacity: 3 Litre
    • Weight: 4.9 Kg

Electric Cooker Price List

Latest Electric CookersPrice
Hi-Tech Claypot Electric CookerRs. 8,799
Hi-Tech Travel Mini Electric CookerRs. 1,999
Kent 16013 3 Litre Electric CookerRs. 2,502
Kent 16014 5 Litre Electric CookerRs. 2,991
Tiger JKT-B10U-C Electric CookerRs. 42,768
Zojirushi NS-WAQ10 1 Litre Electric CookerRs. 10,099
Imusa GAU-00011 Electric CookerRs. 3,839
Asent SY-518RC 1.8 Litres Electric CookerRs. 1,689
Aroma ARC-914S Electric CookerRs. 5,824
Aroma ARC-743G Electric CookerRs. 2,082

List of Electric Cooker Brands

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A kitchen is incomplete without a cooker. Of all the kitchen tools one would use in India, cooker is probably the most used one. From cooking rice to cooking meat and vegetables, one needs a cooker. The traditional pressure cookers that were a common sight in every home in India have now become a passé. The traditional kitchen ware is being replaced by the electric cooker.

The electric cooker works pretty similar to the conventional pressure cooker but the only difference is that it is electric operated cooker. The best thing about using electric cooker is that unlike the traditional cooker the users need not have to manually keep count of the number of the whistle the cooker blows off nor does one have to keep track of the cooking time. With electric cooker one just need to load the cooking vessel with the food and the cooker will automatically finish cooking and also shut off the cooking when the food is cooked to perfection. Also, other significant feature of the electric cooker is that it automatically shifts from cooking mode to ‘keep warm’ mode and keeps the food inside hot for a long time.

Breakfasts are a must for everyone, having an electric cooker at home makes making breakfast easy. One can prepare all kinds of healthy food including pan cakes, omelets and can have it hot. The old fashion pressure cooker used at home usually has a limited cooking capacity but with electric cookers users can cook a large portion of food in a single go. For people living in the cold region, these cookers are great for cooking hot stew during the cold winter night.

Apart from cooking rice, meat and vegetables, the modern day electric cooker that come with a variety of cooking vessels allow the users to boil eggs, potatoes and even make idlis in it. The users simply have to change the attachment and cook new recipes. Also the electric cookers come with different cooking modes such as slow cooker, steamers users can adjust the mode according to the food they want to cook. The slow cooker mode as the name suggests cooks food at a low temperature it is up to the user preference whether they want to cook the food on low temperature or crank it up. Users can also set times, the users can set a particular time and the cooker will automatically switch off or reduce the heat after attaining the time limit.

Some of the vital factors to consider while buying an electric cooker are its energy efficiency, interchangeable units, cooking capacity, timer alarms, brand and also the budget. Some of the top brands in India offering electric cookers are Bajaj, Prestige, Butterfly, Panasonic, Nova, Preethi and Maharaja.

For all electric cooker buyers, it is advised to first compare the features, specifications and prices of the different models available in the market. This is where comes as a handy platform, the websites features a full range of different models and lets users to compare any two models side by side and choose the best one.