Digital Thermometer Price List in India

Digital Thermometer Price List

Latest Digital ThermometersPrice
Dr.Gene MT-402S Digital ThermometerRs. 201
Dr.Gene MT 1027 Digital ThermometerRs. 160
Healthgenie FT 22290 Digital ThermometerRs. 1,999
Healthgenie FT 22293 Digital ThermometerRs. 1,099
Operon TS-4 Ear ThermometerRs. 825
Vicks V966 Digital ThermometerRs. 2,163
Toshiba HT-201 Digital Clinical-Fertility ThermometerRs. 2,499
Life-Line LL-07-14 ThermometerRs. 155
Ultra CE-0123 ThermometerRs. 250
Mextech DT-8811 ThermometerRs. 1,580

List of Digital Thermometer Brands

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Fever is a common illness that people develop with change in every season these days. Children especially are more vulnerable to becoming victims of the illness. The basic medicines and a thermometer are the essentials of every household. However, a manual thermometer is something that most people have difficulty reading; spotting the mercury levels accurately is a task. Here is when the digital thermometer comes as a great boon.

Digital thermometers are fast becoming the preferred means of measuring one’s temperature due to its ease of use. Gone are the days when one had to squint to read the temperature on the thermometer. The digital thermometers display the temperature in number form thus simplifying the process of temperature taking. This also aids the elderly with low vision to know the temperature unlike that in the manual ones. The temp is shown in both- Celsius and Fahrenheit. Another great feature of these little things is that they emit a sound when it’s time to take the thermometer out. This ensures that the reading is not influenced by improper time duration of the thermometer’s contact with the skin.

There are newer and newer trends in technology coming up in the world of digital thermometers. One of them is Infrared thermometer or non- contact thermometer as it takes a temperature reading without touching the skin. The reading is obtained based on the thermal radiation emitted by the person. Such thermometers are quick and take about 1-3 seconds to give a reading. Some thermometers come with inbuilt memory for past temperatures to facilitate comparisons. An increasing number of digital thermometers are being made waterproof for longevity.

With digital thermometers becoming the norm, more and more brands are coming up with products in this category. Omron and Dr. Morepen are at the forefront when it comes to brand popularity.

While making the purchase, it is important that the buyers first do a research on the various brands available in the market that offer digital thermometers. Also, it would be great idea to read the reviews of the different brands and their thermometer models to get a better understanding of how the different thermometer models works and their reliability. A durable, non- breakable thermometer is apt for household use. Another important aspect to consider while buying any thermometer is to check if the particular instrument meets the accuracy standards set by independent global organizations or not. One needs to be sure about its accurateness and surely wouldn’t want to be stuck with a thermometer that does not even give precise temperature readings.

To buy this necessary medical instrument for home use, all buyers must check out as the website offers best assistance in comparing all the digital thermometers that are available in the market and helps people in buying the right measure of temperature.