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RBL Titanium Delight Card


Card Type : Dining, Fuel, Cashback

  • Joining Fees = Rs. 0 (1st Year)

  • Annual Fees = Rs. 750 (2nd year onwards)

  • Swipe for the 1st time & get 2000 reward points.

  • Get a free movie ticket every month

  • Get value back of 10% at Dominos & Pizza Hut online

  • Value back of 5% at Big Bazaar

  • Enjoy annual benefits of more than Rs. 10,000

  • Spent Rs10000 within 60 days & get additional 1000 reward points

  • Get fuel surcharge waiver across all pumps up to Rs. 100 per month

  • Earn 4,000 bonus reward points once in a year on Rs. 1 lakh spends

RBL Platinum Maxima Card


Card Type : Cashback

  • No joining fees.

  • Annual fees is Rs.2000

  • Renewal fees is Rs. 2000

  • Double renewal points on all your spends during the weekends.

  • Use your card for purchases of Rs.2 laks or more in a year & get 10000 reward points

  • Get 1 movie ticket free upto Rs 200 on purchase of movie tickets at BookMyShow

  • Swipe with 60 days & get 8000 reward points.

  • Enjoy complimentary access twice every quarter to all major Air Port Lounges

RBL Movies And More Credit Card


Card Type : Dining, Fuel, Cashback

  • Annual Fees = Rs.1000 + applicable service tax

  • 20 Reward Points Per Rs 100 Spent on Wednesday Dining.

  • 10 Reward Points on all transactions at selected dining outlets and at BookMyShow

  • 10% Discount on tickets booked through BookMyShow

  • 0% Fuel Surcharge at any petrol pump In India up to Rs 100 each Month

  • 4 Tickets worth Rs 250 at BookMyShow as a Welcome Gift.

  • 5000 Reward Points on Crossing Rs 2 Lakhs Annual Spend.

  • On crossing Rs.1.5 lac annual spends in a year get annual fees reversal worth Rs.1000/-

RBL ICON Credit Card


Card Type : Travel, Dining, Cashback

  • Joining Fee =Rs.5,000+Tax (1st Year)

  • Renewal Fees = Nil

  • Two free movie tickets every month and exclusive dining/ hotel offers.

  • 20 Reward points on every Rs. 100 spent on dining on weekends.

  • Complimentary access to Airport Lounges.

  • 2 Reward points on every Rs. 100 spent.

  • Get additional 10,000 reward points on further achieving 3.5 Lakhs of annual spends on the card.

  • 20,000 bonus Reward Points as a Joining Gift.

  • 45,000 bonus Reward points every year on crossing spend milestones.

  • Get access to select golf courses across the country.

RBL Blockbuster Credit Card


Card Type : Travel, Dining, Cashback

  • Joining Fees = Rs.3000.

  • Annual Fees = Rs. 3000(2nd Year).

  • Discount worth Rs. 500 at BookMyShow every month on crossing spends of Rs. 20000.

  • 20X Rewards on all dining spends on weekends.

  • Spend on the card & earn 15,000 bonus reward points every year apart from the rewards which you earn on your daily purchases.

  • 8000 Reward points and discount worth Rs. 1000 at BookMyShow as a Joining Benefit.

  • Complimentary access to airport lounges.

Platinum Delight Credit Card


Card Type : Fuel, Shopping, Cashback

  • Joining Fees = Rs.1000.

  • Annual Fees = Rs. 1000(2nd Year)(Waived of on Annual Spend of Rs.1.5 Lakhs).

  • 2 Reward Points on every Rs. 100 spent on weekdays.

  • 2X Reward Points on every Rs. 100 spent on weekends.

  • 1,000 bonus Reward Points every month on 5 transactions of Rs.1000 or more.

  • Waiver of fuel surcharge up to Rs.150 every month.

  • Swipe your card within 60 Days of Issuance & earn 4000rewards*.

  • Renewal Fee waiver 2nd year onwards membership fee waived on spends of Rs. 1.5 lacs or more in the previous year.

Being one of the most popular and leading banks of the country, RBL Bank offers a broad range of credit cards that will help you with your payments and more. With a great reward points system and cash back opportunities, you can use these cards in almost all locations across the country for paying your bills, sending money and even going out for leisure and entertainment activities such as shopping, concerts and more.

Types of RBL Bank Credit Cards

A. RBL Titanium Delight Credit Card

Without any joining fee for the year and a mere Rs. 750 as annual fee from the second year onwards, this credit card offered by RBL comes with a lot of rewards and features to it. With annual benefits of more than Rs. 10,000 and benefits such as 10% off on Dominos and Pizza Hut orders, 5% off on Big Bazaar purchases, free movie tickets every month and 2000 reward points for the first time you swipe, the credit card has a lot to offer.

Along with these features, special offers such as fuel surcharge waivers up to Rs. 100 per month, bonus reward points of 4000 for a lakh spent and another 1000 points for the money spent in the first two months, this credit card is certainly one that you can’t miss out on.

B. RBL Maxima Platinum Card

No joining fee and Rs. 2000 as annual and renewal fee from the second year onwards, the Maxima Platinum Card comes with better benefits than the Titanium Delight Card. One of the biggest benefits is the double renewal points when you spend on the weekends and up to 10000 reward points for purchases that come up to Rs. 2 lakh in a year. Along with this, you also get a movie ticket free (up to Rs. 200) when you book tickets from BookMyShow using the credit card.

Special offers such as complimentary access (four times in 6 months) to all major airport lounges and 8000 reward points when you swipe the card in the first two months, make it an offer you really can’t refuse.
What is Flexi Limit of RBL credit cards?

With the help of Flexi Limit feature, cardholder gets to select the maximum credit limit on their RBL credit card. Users can contact the customer service department of RBL to assign preferred limit. Moreover, if you have an add-on card from RBL, you can set a different limit for it.

How does the ‘No Fuel Surcharge’ benefit of RBL credit card works?

You can tank up your vehicle at any petrol station and pay for it with your RBL credit card without any fuel surcharge. Transactions between Rs. 500 and Rs. 4,000 are eligible for this benefit, and maximum waiver will be of Rs. 100 in one billing cycle.

Can credit cards be used overseas?

Cardholders can use their credit card in India at over a million MasterCard merchant establishments and more than 25 million establishments all over the world. Users can use their credit card in any country and buy in any currency to later pay in INR. Moreover, even the ATMs at an overseas location with a MasterCard/ Maestro/ Cirrus sign can be used with an Indian credit card.

What are the charges of Foreign Currency Transaction with credit cards?

Foreign currency transaction charges are 3.50% of the transaction along with MasterCard charges.

What is Easy Pay Program?

With RBL’s Easy Pay Program, cardholders can convert their purchases of more than Rs. 5,000 into multiple EMIs. Moreover, one can also transfer balances of other add-on cards and pay for the same in easy EMIs.