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The unfortunate incidents of sudden power fail leads to many furrowed brows and sweats. From a home computer to a company’s computer system, every network is susceptible to loss of data or damage to equipment in case of a sudden power outage. Such incidents can lead to irreversible harm to the devices and result in both, monetary and intellectual loss. However, fret not, as we now have apparatus such as Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) which delivers emergency power to a load when the input power source, usually the mains power, fails. Quite a practical tool, the UPS has become quite a necessity for anyone who uses a computer, TV set, router/modem etc. and goes through frequent unexpected power failures. A UPS consists of a surge suppressor with a big battery, and has a special circuitry which effectively detects a power failure and quickly switches over to run your apparatus on its battery. UPS systems are mainly of two types: tower model and rack- mount model. When it comes to choosing the right UPS tool for your equipment, you need to start by considering your power requirements of your equipment and accordingly choose the UPS that provides that much amount of backup.

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UPS Price in India

Latest UPSPrice
APC BX600CIIN UPSRs. 2,700
Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPSRs. 1,229
iBall 621v UPSRs. 2,299
Punta Power-750 UPSRs. 2,350
Microtek TGE1000+ UPSRs. 5,200
APC BX1100C-IN UPSRs. 5,499
APC BE700Y-IN UPSRs. 5,499
APC BI850SINE Sine Wave Home UPSRs. 5,800
APC BE800-IND UPSRs. 7,440

List of UPS Brands

CyberPower UPS PriceHykon UPS PriceCircle UPS PriceArtis UPS PriceFrontech UPS PriceEmerson UPS PriceiBall UPS PriceNumeric UPS PricePunta UPS Price

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