Projector Price List in India

Typically, projectors are associated with viewing videos, and power point presentation in a corporate office. But, this magnificent device has several other uses, it can be used even in schools, colleges and even home to view informational content or watch movies. A good projector will always create a great impression on the audience and will provide seamless output. Today, there is a great demand for digital projectors not only in offices but for domestic purposes as well. There are three main categories of projectors in the market today – Data projectors, home theatre projectors and pocket projectors. The data projectors are generally used in offices and seminars as they have optimum quality picture output and they are ease to use. Home theatre projector are great for watching movies at home, they provide better experience than watching movies on TV. When buying a projector, users must take their time to consider important features including colour brightness, Lumens, contrast ratio, resolution, ease of use, projection technology used, type of projection, connections, interactivity, throw distance, image positioning, networking, installation and product support.

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Projector Price in India

Latest ProjectorsPrice
BenQ MS506P ProjectorRs. 25,699
Play PP004 ProjectorRs. 9,999
Viewsonic PJD5555 ProjectorRs. 88,373
Egate i9 ProjectorRs. 5,989
Boss S2 ProjectorRs. 22,999
Vivibright GP80 ProjectorRs. 6,865
Egate P513 Portable ProjectorRs. 16,990
Ricoh PJ TS100 ProjectorRs. 16,494
Vivibright GP90 ProjectorRs. 14,900
BenQ MX528P ProjectorRs. 42,865

List of Projector Brands

ViewSonic Projectors PricePlay Projectors PriceOptoma Projectors PriceBoss Projectors PriceCasio Projectors PriceJambar Projectors PriceLuxinPro Projectors PriceUNIC Projectors PriceEgate Projectors PriceRicoh Projectors PriceVivitek Projectors PriceAaxa Projectors PriceDevizer Projectors PricePunnkk Projectors PriceVivibright Projectors PriceViewstar Projectors PriceAcer Projectors PriceMDI Projectors PriceRigal Projectors PriceBrickon Projectors Price

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