Computer Keyboard Price List in India

When the desktop computer was first introduced to the masses, they thought that it was something that would come and go… and they could not have been more wrong! For, everyone uses a computer these days, be it for work or personal use. The primary input method for a computer is still our beloved, keyboard. Even with the advent of touch screens, most users still like to use the tangible keyboards. You can still see people feverishly typing away on their keyboards, with no concern for any touch screens! Keyboards today have evolved with the times. We now have battery operated, wireless keyboards for more convenience. A keyboard today is no longer just a means of inputting letters and numbers; they also serve as a crucial gaming component. Most of these computer keyboards are compatible with other devices like laptops and tablets. There are multiple brands that design and produce quality computer keyboards. Some of these brands include Logitech, Microsoft, HP, Dell, iBall, Apple, Zebronics, Lenovo, Intex, Razer, Circle, etc. They offer durable computer keyboards as well as reasonable warranty/guarantee on most of the products.

Gizga Computer Keyboard Price List HP Computer Keyboard Price List Hako Computer Keyboard Price List Zebronics Computer Keyboard Price List Logitech Computer Keyboard Price List Rapoo Computer Keyboard Price List Intex Computer Keyboard Price List

Computer Keyboard Price in India

Latest Computer KeyboardsPrice
Zebronics K11 Wired USB Standard KeyboardRs. 299
Logitech K400r wireless Standard keyboardRs. 7,869
Dell KB212 Wired USB Standard KeyboardRs. 6,879
Intex Corona Wired USB Standard KeyboardRs. 235
Logitech K120 Wired USB Standard KeyboardRs. 500
iBall Winner V2.0 Wired USB Standard KeyboardRs. 324
HP K1500 Wired USB Laptop KeyboardRs. 549
Logitech K100 Classic PS2 Standard KeyboardRs. 595
Rapoo E1050 Wireless Standard keyboardRs. 679
Zebronics KM2000 Wired Multimedia USB KeyboardRs. 373

List of Computer Keyboard Brands

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