Sony Projector Price List in India

Sony Projector Price in India

Latest Sony Projector ModelsPrice
Sony VPL DX240 ProjectorRs. 38,849
Sony VPL DX220 ProjectorRs. 31,700
Sony VPL Dx 102 ProjectorRs. 31,900
Sony VPL DX100 ProjectorRs. 32,316
Sony VPL DX122 ProjectorRs. 39,000
Sony VPL CX276 ProjectorRs. 107,500
Sony Projector

Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation with its headquarters established in Tokyo. The services which Sony offers are quite diverse. Sony deals its products and services in the field of electronics, gaming, entertainment and financial services. Sony believes in quality, and with the same view, it covers a large market segment of entertainment. It is also the fifth largest manufacturer of televisions whose picture quality is beyond match. 

While shopping for Sony projectors, this page will prove to be of great use to the customers who wish to get high definition and brightness in the projected image. You can choose from a number of models by Sony by applying filters to your search. If that is not enough, then you can even compare the price and specifications of different models and get your hands on the best deal.

5 Reasons To Buy Sony Projectors

1. Sony Projectors are among the best quality products available in the market.
2. They offer high resolution and brightness to the image.
3. Sony also offers a variety of accessories that can be used with the projectors.
4. Durability, Warranty, and services are what Sony is known for.
5. Sony projectors come in many designs and styles.

Options Available in Sony Projectors
  • Mobile Projectors : This range of portable projectors is best for Field Sales Staff. These are easy to carry, and you can install them anywhere easily.
  • Compact Projectors : Sony compact projectors are quite affordable and are perfect for small or midsized classrooms or offices. They will offer a perfect picture quality to your presentation and make it more lively.
  • Short Throw Projectors : Best suited for installation in small rooms. If you wish to get the quality picture within short range, then they are a perfect choice.
  • Large Venue Projectors : Sony makes projectors available which are needed to be installed in large hall or auditoriums. With the high quality images of these projectors, you can direct the attention of a large crowd on your presentation.
  • Ultra Hi-Res : Sony provides 4K resolution projectors best suited for installation in auditoriums. The image quality is beyond comparison, and the brightness offered in the slides is too high.
Guide To Buy Sony Projectors
  • Portability  : If you are a person whose business involves travelling and representing the product from one place to another, then you can really go for a mobile range of Sony projectors.
  • Resolution : While it comes to image quality, no one likes to look at the presentation with blur images. So it is necessary to check the resolution before buying the product.
  • Connectivity : The projector must come with a feature of wireless connectivity. It removes the hectic job of managing long wires.
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