Norton Antivirus And Security Software Price List in India

Norton Antivirus And Security Software Price in India

Latest Norton Antivirus And Security Software ModelsPrice
Norton Internet Security 1 User 1 YearRs. 799
Norton Mobile SecurityRs. 350
Norton 360 1 PC 1 YearRs. 1,349
Norton Internet Security 3 PC 1 YearRs. 2,124
Norton Internet Security 10 PC 1 YearRs. 4,204
Norton Antivirus 2013 3 PC 1 YearRs. 817
Norton AntiVirus 10 PC 1 YearRs. 2,151

Norton Antivirus & Security Software Prices 2018

The online world is filled with viruses, Trojans, spyware, and other malware. Apart from these malicious programs, there are also individual hackers who are looking for a way to break into your system and phish for your secure passwords and other details. Protecting your online persona from these dangers is highly critical. The best and easiest way to ensure that is to get the best anti-virus and security software from Norton, one of the leading security solution providers in the world. Built by the Symantec Corporation in the year 1991, it's the world's largest security software provider. The company has continually updated its product offerings and has recently launched a seamless product, the Norton Security.

On this page, you can compare several security solutions for Norton simultaneously. A side-by-side comparison table helps you choose the right product quickly based on the coverage provided, and the number of devices and price.

Why Norton is the World’s No.1 Choice when it comes to Security Solutions?

  • Norton provides 24 x 7 assistance on queries 365 days of the year
  • You have a password manager that stores all your login info and passwords. No more clicking on Forgot Passwords
  • Anti-spam, Firewall and Safe browsing are additional tools that come with the security solutions
  • Automatic backup of your critical data periodically
  • 360-degree cleanup tasks that include removal of outdated files, optimizing the hard drive and clearing the registry

Different Security Solutions from Norton

Norton Security Standard:

It defends against malware, spyware, and other threats and protects your online transactions and digital identity. Recommended for Windows PC and Mac.

Norton Security Deluxe:

It protects up to 5 different devices that can include Smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops.

Norton Security Premium:

It protects all your data and online transactions for up to 10 different devices.

Norton Anti-Virus Basic:

Protection against scams, phishing, viruses, Trojans and other malware. Automatic updates that ensure you have the latest protection.

Norton Mobile Security :

Protects your mobile from risky apps and theft.

Norton Online Backup:

Automatic Online backup of your digital data files so that you don’t lose out on critical data.

Norton Utilities:

A toolset that helps your PC run at the maximum efficiency.

Norton Family Premier :

Solution that helps kids navigate the online world safely.

How to Choose the Right Security Solution for your Needs?

For Single User from PC/Mac:

If you access the internet via your PC or laptop, then Norton Security Standard or Norton Anti-Virus Basic is ideal for you.

For Mobile Users:

If you mostly access the internet via your Smartphone or tablet, Norton Mobile Security is the right choice for you.

For Families:

For families where several members access the Internet via their personal devices, the Norton Security Deluxe of Norton Family Premier is an excellent choice.

For Small to Medium Businesses:

If you run a small/medium business, then the Norton Security Premium which covers ten devices is a great option.

Why Use CompareRaja before buying Norton Anti-Virus Software?

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Stay protected and enjoy worry-free online transactions.